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'Nando's – the worst designed public toilet I've ever seen' blog discussion

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  • Wow, is that it!!! Thought it was something major.
    The design of a toilet seat is the least of my worries when I visit public toilets.

    Living and loving it :)
  • liam8282liam8282 Forumite
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    Wouldn't you try clean it a bit first either way? If you had to go, I would always try best and give the seat a bit of a wipe with TP at the least!
  • junojuno Forumite
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    No, this disabled toilet is worse or read this discussion for other examples
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  • brettctabrettcta Forumite
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    i always employ the paper throne technique - doubled over lengths of loo roll for the front, back & sides and a good bit in the bowl to make a splash mat (stops both unwanted splashback and any embarrassing splash sounds). works a treat.
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  • vikingaerovikingaero Forumite
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    I always wipe the seat before I use it.

    The other thing wrong with that toilet is that the toilet seat is too small for the bowl. When you sit down your legs/thighs are going to touch the china where everyone has been pishing and missing the bowl.

    Did you lower the toilet lid to see if there is a powdery residue left by people with itchy noses? :D
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  • UnicornucopiaUnicornucopia Forumite
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    Wouldn't worry me - I use the squat technique at home as well as in public (well, you know what I mean).

    The worst toilet I ever used was in a cafe in Tunisia, but having eaten Tunisian food I was somewhat desperate!!!
  • chrismbtchrismbt Forumite
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    I took a photo of the only toilet in McDonalds in Riems, France in 2007.

    Sadly I am not allowed to give you a link to the photo.
  • bylromarhabylromarha Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I took a photo of the toilet in the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai.

    I was sooooooo impressed with the oppulence of what, effectively, was a public loo for tourists.
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  • andymc29andymc29 Forumite
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    The thing I hate about most public loos is the locks being broken on the doors, either broken, or totally missing.

    That and people who can't seem to control the direction of their own urine.
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  • madmish00madmish00 Forumite
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    You just need to adopt the 'hover' technique.

    If we women can do it in stiletto heels with our handbag in our hand after a few glasses of vino I'm sure men could manage! I mean have you seen the toilets in most clubs. Ick!
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