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Should you buy a PAYG or contract for your teen at Christmas?.... Blog Discussion - Page 4

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Should you buy a PAYG or contract for your teen at Christmas?.... Blog Discussion

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  • roswell wrote:
    Info from 2003 ??

    More recent view

    I personnaly thing that cots painted with lead paint in the 50`s were more of a risk.

    If anything, i'd say that the more recent article backs up what was said in the first.

    "Children and mobile phones

    The group also emphasised that research into the long-term risks from use of mobile phones was limited. However, it drew attention to some studies that have suggested that prolonged exposure to mobile phone energy may affect how well the brain works, increase susceptibility to cancer and damage genetic material (that is, DNA in the brain cells).

    Because these effects may have severe consequences (even if they're rare) the group has recommended caution until the situation is clearer"

    I'm sure cots painted with lead in the 50's were a risk. The point is we dont know how much of a risk mobile phones are but we know that there is a risk.

    Do you realise what you are saying here. You are taking a risk with your childs health.
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  • I'd get a PAYG for sure - Anyone esp kids can call for fun and get stuck on calls yapping away 02 give you 300 txt free per month which is £30 worth of txt messages they even do sat sun mon free calls to other o2 users for three months see the 02 treats section on their website for details of how to do this (it does mean topping up the phone by £15 per month) but you get 10% back every 3 months - they txt you on how to claim by txt message)

    We all know that teenagers txt all the time so...
    approx 10 txt per day
    three days per week of free 02 to 02 calls
    £15 credit
    and 10% back (£4.45 over 3 months)
    Should be enough for them to keep in touch otherwise it's just pure greed

    OR VODAFONE do the friends and family call deal where 4 people can call each other for free so long as ONE OF THEM pays an extra £5 per month)

    Hope this helps....
  • Our 16 yr old wanted a snazzy phone costing around £200 (dream on).
    I got him the same phone for free on a £20 a month contract in my name with inclusive minutes etc (Vodafone Anytime75). He never used to answer when we rang him to see if he was ok etc, but knows now that he has to, or he'll lose the phone. He also knows that if he goes over the limit he has to pay the difference, and best of all, I can see from the bill if he's been using the phone when he should be asleep!! I figure that you recoup the cost of the phone in what you pay each month. Granted, it wouldn't work for everyone, but to date, he's only over-run by a fiver or so.
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    I’m 13 and had a PAYG when I was 11, when I started secondary school I got the cheapest contract possible (well I am a moneysaver). The same Christmas I got an iPhone on a contract and manage it well. 
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