Real Life MMD: Should I pay my sister for fake Uggs?

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Should I pay my sister for fake Uggs?

My sister went to Australia and I asked her to buy me a pair of Ugg boots while she was over there, as they're cheaper. She accidentally bought a fake pair of Uggs, but was positive she was buying the genuine article. They cost £90 and I can't sell them on, because they're fake. Do I ask for my money back?
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  • ClaireBetteridge
    is the only reason you asked her for them is to sell them on?

    if they genuinely are for you to use then no, she did what you asked of her, its not her fault they arent genuine uggs.
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  • [Deleted User]
    Of course you should pay her for them. She bought them in good faith for you, and was doing you a favor! (if she'd known they were fakes, then it would be different, and you shouldn't pay, as then she would have purposefully not bought you what you wanted)

    Also, I am guessing that she would be out of pocket if you didn't give her what they cost? If you don't I can't see her doing you any favors again.

    Perhapse take the lesson that you should buy your own in future (or explain to her how to tell reals from fakes)
  • leeroyb
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    You should pay her for the embarassment of having to buy Uggs, then you should burn them and get a better sense of taste
  • Chipmunk_Blue
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    In Australia the word Ugg stands for unisex sheepskin boots and is no longer protected by a trademark. So your sister bought you ugg boots but they may not be "Ugg Australia" brand ugg boots like you find in the UK or USA. But they are still the geninue thing... Take the label off and no one will know the difference!
    (check wiki for further info about why there is no brand called "Ugg Australia" in Australia)
  • rcherryuk
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    Describe 'Fake'?

    In Australia it has been ruled that Ugg is a generic term for sheepskin boots. So she may have been into a shop and asked for Ugg Boots and been sold non 'UGG Australia' branded items in good faith.

    So, unless you specifically stated 'made by Ugg Australia' then yes, you must pay as she did as you asked!

  • BognorBoy
    BognorBoy Posts: 11 Forumite
    Chalk it up to experience.

    It is unfortunate but asking your sister for the money back would put your sister out of pocket.

    If it was obvious that they were fakes then dont ask her to get stuff like that for you in future. If it was not obvious then like I said, unfortunate but chalk it up to experience.
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  • Aldahbra
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    I know you are disappointed but take a step back.

    Imagine if you had spent £90 on something for your sister, because she asked you to. You went out of your way to get it, did the best you could and then she didn't pay up. How would you feel?

    It is a shame it has cost you so much money but this one you will just have to accept.
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  • telsco
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    Not only should you pay her the £90 for her innocent mistake, you should give her an extra few quid for spending part of her precious holiday time to go shopping for the boots, carrying the damn things all the way from Oz and using up her very limited baggage allowance!
  • neilpost
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    How did she pay ? Card ?

    She might have a consummer credit claim if the total transaction was over £100, or on the VISA Chargeback scheme if not :money:

    Shame on you for wanting Ugg boots, as they are bloody hideous, and a rip-off. Are you a celebrity following sheep ?:rotfl:
  • jinky67
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    My question would be why anyone want the hideous things in the first place?;)
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