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    In Copenhagen for the week end. Most places add on 3.75% for paying with a 'foreign' credit card. best exchange rate I got was with the no commision Post Office credit card but the saving wasmore than wiped out by the 3.75% rip off. Is this legal under European law ?

    Never come across that one (except for small transactions - say, less than DKK50).

    This was an add-on to the normal price by the retailer?
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    Japan's ATM's generally don't accept foreign ATM cards, and Japan is predominantly a cash society. It's not uncommon to carry £300 in cash at a time in your wallet. Fortunately it is very safe to carry cash as the level of crime is extremely low, if not non-existent.

    7Eleven stores have 24 hour ATMs which accept foreign Visa cards but only dispense 10,000Yen notes (about £80)

    JP Post Office and Shinsei Bank ATMs accept foreign Visa/Mastercards but have limited opening hours. 9am-9pm Mon-Fri. Even hole in the wall ATMs.

    Don't expect shops or restaurants to accept cards. If you're visiting Tokyo, get a Suica pre-paid card free from any train station. You can use it for public transport, and it's widely accepted in stores.
    We have visited Japan twice in the past 4 years (Hokkaido & Tokyo, and a Tokyo & Kyoto walking hol). We never had a single problem with credit dards in any shop or restaurant. We used the ATMs in 7-lls for cash, but were surprised to find that Japan is not the tight-laced, cash-only society that all the books told us it would be.
  • The British Consulate in Amsterdam doesn't accept British debit/credit cards.

    Others don't like the fees. My favourite more moderate approach by many places is the sign I saw in English: "We prefer no VISA or Mastercard please - the fees are killing us"
    Order of events: Banks lose our money -> get bailed out -> were inflating GBP to cover it -> now taxing us -> next will grab your funds direct -> things get really desperate to balance the books. What should have happened?: banks go bust and we lost our money much quicker
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