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Help with utility arrears - success stories

edited 11 October 2020 at 9:22PM in Energy
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edited 11 October 2020 at 9:22PM in Energy
This thread is to discuss the 'Free cash to help pay for utility arrears' section of the

Did you apply for help with arrears from your gas, electric or water provider and get a grant or other help?
Did you find it useful?

Please let us know your experiences.

Thanks :)
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  • tgroom57tgroom57 Forumite
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    I am with Swalec and claiming JSA. Swalec have offered me a reduced rate tariff 'energyplus Care' because my fuel (electricity/gas) exceeds a certain percentage of my income. day units 9.27p night units 4.24p Yearly review. I can give further details on request.
  • Discounts Utilities

    I applied last year to Severn Trent water for assistance with my ever increasing water bill based on ratable value.

    They do offer assistance and not only with the water bill through their charitable trust.

    They only pay out once however and after completing a form identifying income and expenditure including 'Any Arrears' they gave me around £150 paid directly to Severn Trent against my water bill.

    I also contacted my Electric and Gas provider Atlantic who offer the scheme mentioned and I got a 20% discount on duel fuel for my energy for one year. It is reviewable annually. I believe based on the percentage of income you have against the amount spent on fuel. This year however I just fell outside the limits but was told to re-apply again in 12 months.

    All good and very helpful as i would not have known this if it was not because of your web site - thank you
  • dereksteeldereksteel Forumite
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    We moved into our new house last July, and we took our supplier with us, and after 13 months I checked our on-line account and it should we where in Debit - Electricity £110 and Gas £370!! SHOCKED? bloody terrified!, I spoke with British Gas and asked why this had happened as we pay Direct Debit monthly for our energy costs, and also we where on the Essentials Tariff as we have a disabled daughter, and we need to keep her equipment on Charge 24/7, and also during the summer months require the central heating on, to maintain the house at a certain Temperature. They where understanding, but couldn't really help, they put us in the direction of Warm Home discount, but due to me working and my partner being my daughters carer, it put us over the income threshold, and we didn't qualify.

    I was fuming and explained that we had only moved into the house last year and a full comparission of what we used was not 100% accurate and that they had actually mis-calculated what we where going to use!!.
    They put me in the direction of there Energy Trust and they might be able to help. I went online completed the on-line form and after a few weeks got word back from them, asking for some more info and if i could forward it on. Having done this the process can take 3-4 weeks to have a decission. We received a letter from British Gas Energy Trust yesterday and we where awarded £106.00 for Electricity and £372.00 for Gas !!.

    We are now back in control of our account and can't thank the Trust enough for there help.
  • Both the British Gas and EDF Energy Trusts fund local organisations to help you with applications to their funds. These organisations are trained to complete the applications as well as help with the issues that may have caused the debt.

    See the following links for details:
  • I managed to get a grant to pay the account of my South Staffordshire Water Account.

    The total amount cleared for me is about £300 - £400. This was paid of by the "trust" in stages.

    I work full time, earn £25K, have a family with 2 children.

    We were in debt and applied using these grounds. We wanted and still want to be debt free. :D
  • TeeJaySTeeJayS Forumite
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    Up until two days ago we were not even aware that Swalec has apparently given us credits to clear our arrears. I assume by way of funding. They say we had credits last year 2012 and this year 2013. We were never informed and have no idea if this is the case. Our arrears were approx £700 I can't remember but have the letters all locked away so will check.

    To date we have paid over £300 off the debt by regular payments via our prepayments meters and still have an outstanding balance of over £400 so it doesn't add up. When I questioned it I was told they do not inform the customer and that the money or funding has been electronically added except for one amount of £100.00

    One swalec advisor tells me it was my electricity account that is missing this £100 payment the other says gas. I'm wondering if any of this is true at all. I have no way of finding out. Unless I find my original letters.
  • Hi I have just for the second year received the warm front discount grant. This is an amazing help to me as I am a single parent who works and has 2 children at home still. It means I do not have to worry if we have a cold winter as this helps as an extra towards those months.
  • suzeesu2000suzeesu2000 Forumite
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    Been very very fortunate with Southern Electricity & gas. We are in fuel poverty and both suffer very poor health. They have cleared our arrears AND given us a new cooker FREE!! Because of their help, we are now in a really good scheme with them on a two year deal fixing the price, (1 year in now). Being careful on our end helps but we are now twelve months on and in credit on both. I cannot think more of this company, they really have been incredibly helpful and looked after us.

    It's actually the first time in my 25 years as a wife that we have had credit on our utilities.
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  • Hi Martin

    We have applied and received a payment from united utilities trust fund a payment of over £1430.00 to pay our arrears
    We explained that we were out of work for a short period of time and to repay the amount was to take a long period as my new job income was lower
    We were at final stages of the bailiffs calling and they gave us the payment direct into our account
    We would not of know this but through your website
    So big thanks to you and your team and also a big thanks to united utilities trust
  • Mr_D19Mr_D19 Forumite
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    I have just had near on £2700 paid by the Trust fund to clear my water charge arrears.Having been made redundant twice in 11 months and then wife became seriously ill put us in a very large hole.I was informed of the trust fund at the outset but I was determined to clear myself however it got to the point were I had to swallow my pride and ask for help.I can now sleep with ease at night knowing I can concentrate on caring for my wife.
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