Great ‘Decorate your house for under £20’ Hunt

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Great ‘Decorate your house for under £20’ Hunt

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MSE_MartinMSE_Martin Money Saving ExpertMoneySaving Expert
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Christmas is coming and many are under pressure to provide the perfect festive season, on a less than perfect budget. So how do you do it? You ask MoneySavers of course!

It's more than just 'where to get cheap decorations'

This isn't just about where to get the cheap decorations, the idea's 'what to prioritise?' What should you focus the cash on? How do you extract maximum value out of minimum spend?

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Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
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  • hollydayshollydays Forumite
    19.4K posts
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    Cheapest christmas decoration i know,and looks effective too,pick some twigs,paint them white (emulsion for example),hang a few baubles off them (or pine cones if you prefer the natural look)-voila.
  • sammy_kaye18sammy_kaye18 Forumite
    3.1K posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    lol i have plenty of white emulsion left from when i move in so might do that for a few pots and put them in the windows - good tip

    mine has to be - collect toilet rolls (you can get them easy enough - i hope!!!) cheap bag of cotton wool (say 50p) from wilkinsons - stick it onto the tube and voila a tribe of snowmen!!

    another one is use up old newspaper and make paper chains with it and when your done you could recycle it after Xmas.

    otherwise poundland is pretty good for cheap decs!
    Finally sorting myself out. :eek:
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  • bah humbug, £3 battery opperated lights, double sided sticky tape, round your front door. ( with your painted branches snowmen and paper chains !!!)
  • jettyjetty Forumite
    3K posts
    buy coloured card and make paper chains and get some tinsel from the pound shop, throw it around a bit, lol. i buy some decorations each year, we are at the stage of looking like santas grotto now, we started out with just a 3 ft tree,lol
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  • earwigearwig Forumite
    1.1K posts
    I've been Money Tipped!
    i always get some curly wood branches from the local wood spray them sliver and put then in a vase and hang small baulbles of them look just like then ones you see in those fancy shops you could do a bigger version use a plant pot in stead and add some cheep fairy lights
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  • tifftiff Forumite
    6.6K posts
    Savvy Shopper!
    Large glass vase (cheap from Ikea) and fill with baubles.
    “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” - Dave Ramsey
  • troll35troll35 Forumite
    712 posts
    We always make paper chains from sliced up colourful magazines or christmas catalogues. Once they are pinned to the ceiling it's quite hard to tell they were once magazines.
    I like to live in cloud cuckoo land :hello:
  • HelloHello Forumite
    358 posts
    I have been lucky with a garden the last couple of houses - fir tree branches or anything evergreen, place left and right (don't know how else to explain it!) and tie in the middle with one of those big pull ribbons, which were 10p each in the January sales. Place along a table (make sure all the bugs are shaken or rinsed out!), on a mantlepiece, bookshelf, make big or small! Add berries on wires, spray with snow or paint. Very versatile.

    To stop the trees and bushes looking lopsided make sure you trim from all sides!

    Merry Christmas!!
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  • 2 years ago i bought a 'decorated' xmas tree, was gutted when it arrived and i had to 'decorate' it myself, talk about false advertising! lol
    Anyways, as it came with decorations i just re use them, i did buy a few others to top it up.
    I will be gerring some ceiling decs from poundland, we just got a LOAD fr my nan for less than £10.
    I'm not really a lights person except for the tree but nan bought me some from asda so will put them up at the kitchen window, along with my 'santa please stop here for Aston' sign.
    :j Baby boy Number 2, arrived 12th April 2009!:j
  • LJMLJM Forumite
    4.5K posts
    spray pine cones silver/gold
    make paper chains
    handmade snowflakes cut and cover in glitter
    cheap tinsel
    i get my girlies to help me make things plus my eldest (5)brings bits home from school
    :xmastree:Is loving life right now,yes I am a soppy fool who believes in the simple things in life :xmastree:
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