Dear X-Factor Contestants, you cannot give more than 100% effort! Blog Discussion



  • klint
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  • JohnLF
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    Although this thread is very old, as Martin has recently referenced it, I feel I can add to it.

    There is nothing at all wrong with the use of "110% effort" as there is no mention of what this is gauged against. At no point does anyone ever say " I am going to give 110% of my total possible effort". Giving 110% of your previous effort is quite feasible however, and as this is what people usually mean ("I will try harder") then it is a perfectly logical sentence.

    If you usually work at 64% of your total capacity (to quote one person on here), then giving 110% means you will be working at approx 70% of your total capacity, perfectly reasonable for a short period.

    Where the problem comes is the hyperbole of larger percentages - 200%, 300%, 1000% etc. This either means you were very, very lazy before or you really are talking nonsense.
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    Martin is 100% correct (but not 110% ;):D) in his article (link here)

    You can't give more than 100% effort as that would be beyond your effort capability.

    If someone were to suggest they went to an X-factor audition and only originally gave 64% effort in the hope they would get through to the next round, where they then only promised to give 70.4% of their effort (being 110% of the 64% effort they first gave) to win it then what do you think Simon would say about that?
    I'm therefore convinced that is not what the contestants are hoping to convey either.

    But either way, what the contestants are saying is nonsense.

    JohnLF -are you sure you are not confusing effort with work-rate?
    Work rate can and will vary, and is taken account of in time & motion studies.
    As an example, consider a marathon runnner in a fiercly fought competition. The ultimate winner would have given 100% of their effort to win. They will not have worked at 100% for the entire race, having at times slowed down and at other times speeded up, (so their work rate varied) but their effort cannot be more than 100%.
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