Dear X-Factor Contestants, you cannot give more than 100% effort! Blog Discussion



  • nej
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    It goes up every week. It started at 100%, then went to 110%, then now 150% and 200%.

    By the end of the series, they'll be giving 743%.
  • I'm glad to hear someone else shares this with me! I remember seeing a TV clip - I think it was Ladette to Lady - of one of the contestants being scored at 90%. Her reply: "What, out of a 100?" :O
  • But surely you can have 100% with a 1% margin for error? :P
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  • Once we uncap the limit on effort, and permit beyond 100%, then watch the inflation effect, it’ll be 1000% effort or a million, or a billion or a googleplex percent effort

    While we are on the subject of numeric literacy, I think what Martin probably meant was a googol or googolplex percent effort, the equivalent of a 1 followed by 100 zeros, The googleplex is the offices of search engine giant Google.
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    "Yeah but this one goes up to eleven".
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  • :money: :mad: i agree 100%. you're awesommmeee
  • I have heard peple saying they will give anything from 110% to as much as one million percent effort.
    They are using a figure of speech. It is hyperbole. I understand what they are trying to say and that is that they will try harder. So I agree 110% with this poetic turn of phrase.
  • That annoys me too but my current bugbear is when couples say THEY are pregnant. That drives me crackers - men cannot BE pregnant - just you listen, it's creeping into every hospital show on tv.
  • My brother does this too, I've told him a million times to stop it.
    You cant take the trousers off an elephant!
  • There's just one thing that I find strange with X Factor ......... surely over the past weeks it would be obvious from the phone votes who is the clear favourite to win despite the "no particular order" statement when announcing who is staying etc. Don't tell me that Simon Cowell et al are not aware of the number of votes cast each week!! This makes the banter between them somewhat superfluous. OK you may say that not all the same people vote each week but there is definitely a hardcore element willing to fill the coffers of X Factor, especially to spite Simon Cowell to ensure the MacDonald twins remain in the competition!!
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