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Eating in Edinburgh

in Scotland
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  • Anne_Marie_2Anne_Marie_2 Forumite
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    Getting so many good places here, it is such a pity that we can't try them all out, however in time, am sure that we can have a dashed good try! Thanks for tip about the silvercard Rate Tart. Have got myself a little map drawn out here and marked on all the eateries, so depending where we are at lunchtime, can head for the nearest. Got the menu for Frankensteins and my daughter seems quite keen on there, so have plunged in and booked a table. She is on a bit of a high this week, and can't wait to be 18, and also to buy me a drink, mind you, she might change her mind when she realizes the price! Will let you all know how we get on after next weekend. Really appreciate all your suggestions.
  • Anne_Marie_2Anne_Marie_2 Forumite
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    Rate Tart, just to let you know, have applied for my Silvercard. Lady on other end of phone was really nice and helpful, and she now knows about this site too. Nothing like spreading the word!
  • Cat72Cat72 Forumite
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    glad you got something booked.I am applying for the silver card too, soungds great. Rememebr to get your daughter to use the loo at frankestiens and if you go in at about 12 ,I think ,frankestein comes alive maybe ring and double check the time with them.Hope you all have a really good time, let us know how you get on.And you are right the idea of buying drinks will soon lose its attraction !
  • You say that you like Mexican so I would suggest The Basement Bar at the top of Broughton Street. I've always found the food excellent and there is a good veggie selection
  • Delighted to be able to spread the word about https://www.thesilvercard.co.uk .I must say it's been a great way of eating out in Edinburgh at discount prices for me and my friends and I'm delighted to be able to share it with others. Yes Anne Marie, I agree - the woman on the phone is really great - fun, efficient AND friendly.....everyone who visits Edinburgh regularly and certainly everyone who lives here should have the Silver Card! (and no....I'm not involved just a happy customer!)
  • GalstonianGalstonian Forumite
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    I'm veggie and have been to the Witchery, if you want to make it an occasion never to forget then I would suggest splashing out and going for it but do make sure to book well in advance.

    The list http://www.list.co.uk gives lots of info on Glasgow/Edinburgh eateries and has a whole section on veggie places but make sure to check the other sections too as almost everywhere caters to us to some extent.

    The Filmhouse is also great for good value veggie food.
  • sc_UK_2sc_UK_2 Forumite
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    If you're vegetarian and in Edinburgh then there's only one option - Bann's Vegetarian Restaurant in St Mary's Street (just off the Royal Mile). Enjoy.

    That's rubbish, there are at least another three vegetarian restaurants I can think of.

    Black Bo's in Niddrie Street is just off the Royal Mile and is good.

    Do not go to The Witchery if you don't like 'posh' or silver service. It has both in abundance.
  • Anne_Marie_2Anne_Marie_2 Forumite
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    Well, we have been and done it all. My legs belong to someone else, although the pain tells me they are definitely mine! We have walked miles, and a wee bit more. Absolutely great weekend.
    Frankensteins was brilliant, the food was really good, and the atmosphere excellent. Wouldn't advise for a posh, romantic night out, but just great for what we were looking for, somewhere my daughter could eat in comfort without being intimidated by silver service, and plenty of veggie choice for me. Got a free "Mother's Day" sparkling wine thrown in. Never did find the screaming toilet, but we did have quite a lot to eat and could hardly move. And they played old b & w Frankenstein movie later on, which was really good (they play music so you can't hear the film soundtrack, but it was a nice touch, wee bit of nostalgia!) We were set at a table on the highest level, so it was lovely to be able to look down below, and also above - amazing place. Must have cost a fortune to kit out. Seats were nice and comfy for my old bones, and much appreciated!
    We also went to Fiscal's (Hunter Square), just off Royal Mile & opposite Cockburn St, for lunch. We have used this for lunch for about 2 years when in Edinburgh, if in the area. Good prices, nice menu and some good food and drink deals. (If there are two of you drinking wine, check out their bottle prices.) They do all day breakfasts, light snacks such as paninis/baguettes, basket of french fries or full meal. What I like is they have really comfy settees, which is a must after climbing up and down everywhere in the Old Town.
    Also found a wonderful little Italian place, can't remember the name. We went for late breakfast, but wish I had been there to try the tomato soup which was being made, smelled divine - and could see that all food was freshly made. The panini was well worth waiting for, and great coffee. Anyway, it opens at 10 a.m., is in the arcade nearly at the top of Cockburn St, leading to the Bridges.
    Will not bore you with all the shopping stuff, which I was forced into. Cost me a fortune. However, was my birthday just over a week ago, wee torag wanted to get me something - I said truffle oil, and found out we could get it in Harvey Nicholls, so would wait until we got down to Edinburgh - cheaper than P&P on internet.
    Found the truffle oil, so much more to look at, did get a couple of things myself, wee torag hauling me out of the foodstore, there was too much for me to browse round, for her liking. Least we got the HN bags!
    We did manage to be nearly straightfaced about their prices - wee pink tutu with black velvet bow £299, didn't even look at the prices for their yucky sixties style clothes - just reminded me of my granny's aprons! What idiots want to spend their money on that?
    Thanks again to all who gave me suggestions - and will try some others next time.
  • Cat72Cat72 Forumite
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    Thanks for letting us know I was wondering how you got on.Glad it had a happy ending !
  • It sounded like a great w/end for you both Anne_Marie :) and lots of good ideas for other people to read.

    Can you update us on the present and birthday cake too ;)
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