Lovely suprise in the post.. but small dillema..



  • I think the only other problem is that if I tell DH I'm considering treating myself, he'll get all het up because there's a game HE wants which he's been bugging me about non stop... so I think I'm definately just going to put it all into the debt savings just to save the arguments.
    I'm kind of used to DH getting what he wants and me going without so going to prevent that by just lumping it straight into debt savings.

    you say that if you put it all towards the savings then there will be enough to pay another debt and some left over - why not pay off the debt but earmark the leftover for a treat?
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    I would treat yourself, its not everyday you get money back of Mr Taxman!!!

    As it is unexpected and not part of your budgeting I would spend it on something nice!!

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  • Definately pay off the debt. You will get more of a buzz (and it will last longer) paying off the debt than a treat especially when you are buying just for the sake of it.

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    ksh123 wrote:
    I didn't feel ashamed about any of this before believing we "deserve" it, now I feel rather poo :(.
    But for the first poster I say - you deserve a treat go for it!

    Don't feel ashamed (or poo) of yourself at all. It sounds like the first poster is in a rather different position than you. She has planned out a structure with her limited debts and doesn't sound like she's starving or ragged at the moment. Her treat was supposed to be just that, a treat. Or she could end up in credit that bit earlier and can treat herself then. You are running our of clothes. I don't think neccesary clothes are a treat (though buying them can feel like one, which is good!) so do what you have to do. I assume you have a plan for paying back your debts. So long as you stick to it that's fine. Any more money you can put in is good but not to do yourself out of neccesities.

    Feel proud of your control over the situation and take your pleasures where you can!:D

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  • Dr.Shoe_2
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    I agree. A treat when your debts are finished is much sweeter than having the nagging doubt that you did the wrong thing...
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  • How about spending a little on a good take-away and a bottle of plonk; then just you and your other half for a romantic evening in. You should have a bit of fun ;) , and still be able to feel good about paying off a good chunk of debt.
  • ksh123 wrote:
    Well I'm ashamed to say I'm in the minority here. I've got a windfall coming too - a nice amount but a drop in the ocean where my debts are concerned.
    Me and my 21 yr old daughter have been suffering all year from lack of money - I literally don't have any underwear without holes and my top wear is more than a bit shabby too - so I want some clothes that I'm not ashamed to get run over in! And my daughter, well for a young girl to be unable to do any shopping or partying for so long has been torture, (she gives all hermoney to me to help with the debts) so she deserves a treat too.
    I'm not talking about spending like mad, but I am talking about spending enough to give us a lift and make it easier to face the next 300 years or so of poverty.

    Hi immoral_angeluk, my 2p is that if your treat is similar ksh123 and it is more of a need than a treat, then go for it otherwise, I think, in your shoes, I would have to put it towards the debt. I personally wouldn't be able to deal with the guilt trip the morning after.

    Another thought, the Taxman giveth and the Taxman taketh away. If a mistake was made in your favour, it is quite possible that a mistake could have been made the other way too.
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  • Put £ 90.00 toward the debts and treat yourself with the rest of the money.
    Make sure you enjoy whatever you treat yourself with .
  • Well just a quickie update. The whole lot has gone into our debt savings account to pay off our Black horse loan.
    I managed to get the game I wanted in the end though.. DH traded in a couple of his games at gamestation so I could have it (ended up paying 99p for it.) even though there's a game out he's been going on about costantly for weeks.... bless his heart. He's not the romantic type so I'm going to take this as a 'romantic gesture'... lol.

    Thanks for all your advice :) Managed to save it AND get a treat.. even better! Looking forward to paying off black horse now :)
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    Well done angel - an excellent decision, that's a lot off your black horse debt.
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