March Work Lunches Challenge!

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    oooh might have to join this thread for April as I've just found myself a great job :)
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    Well done ALJA on the job!

    Last day of the month and brought in my lunch. Got a mini fish pie and salad. Didn't use my one lunch - YAY:j
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    thank you! hoping to get into more healthy lunch making too :)
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    Packed lunch again, so every day this month!!!
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    is there an April thread? :)
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  • Hi,
    I always take a packed lunch from home to work each day but this is more due the facty that i'm quite a fussy eater... now if i could stop buying newspapers each day?:o
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    Hi everyone - aimed for 2 and bought 3 lunches. Not so bad. Got 'sandwich of the day' today for £1.30! Bargain!

    Looking forward to the April challenge :)
  • Made it to the end of the month with 19/19 home made lunches \o/
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    I managed 17/16 this month :j
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    I made it through March with a day to spare. Woo! Does anyone know where the April thread is?

    Finally a Homeowner 04.10.13 :j

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