what luxuries have you cut

back on in the last five years? and how much have you saved?


  • Linda32
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    Well, We don't go to the pub on Fridays anymore, but that was easy and was because we didn't want to go anymore. That cost £12.80 :o we only had two drinks each.

    I only buy about one magazine a year now, at full price, so expensive :eek: to be honest, I think more of my £3.80 now. Use Tesco vouchers instead.

    We always used to buy Nescalf and Aerial, now use value brands there.
  • I've just bought a clothes horse and timers for my plug in electric radiators for the bedrooms which has stopped me from over-using the tumble dryer and forgetting the radiators are on all the time...it has cut my electric usage in half over the last 4 weeks!!!
    I have also got rid of my car last week which has saved me about £60 already in petrol, insurance, tax etc...and the dogs are loving it cos they are getting loads more walks! lol
    Using my breadmaker for the last 2 weeks must have cut my bread bill in half to (minimum)
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  • quintwins
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    well i've had 3 kids in the last 5 years, so nights out ahve been cut way back lol

    i use value brand tea bags now, and i cheaper brand coffee :), i completely cut out fabric softener and colour catchers, and i stopped buying a bottle of wine for at home because i kept drinking one glass then leaving it in the fridge for 6 months, also i used to buy about £5 of mags a week now i troll random forums instead :D and i don't buy the paper anymore either i read mil on a sat :)
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  • artichoke
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    hum - we used to buy pizza's and have takea-away curry's once a week...

    but now we have HM pizza's and HM garlic bread and HM currys with lots of HM side dishes etc...

    not sure how much it has saved - but we all prefer HM pizza now to shop bought... and i am getting really into experimenting with currys...

    off to make a vegetable dansak for tea tomorrow..

  • We have cut back on going to the pub, takeaways and magazines. The fiorst two happen once in a blue moon and we just do not buy magazines anymore. I have also stopped driving to work as they put the fees up to £17 a month so a massive saving there. We buy own brand tea and coffee, cook from scratch and make our own bread. I have to say though that cooking from scratch and using own brands does not feel like we are missing out at all.
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  • mrswive
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    OH and I used to have a coffee and lunch if we were out for the day; now we go out for the day a lot less often and when we do we share a large mocha/latte or whatever we fancy. It's cheaper than buying two small ones and with a Caffe Nero loyalty card, every 10th one is free (btw it's worth checking the empty tables as people often leave a card with a few stamps on it behind - every little helps!)
    We either have some kind of picnic lunch or, if we're really splashing out - once in a blue moon - I print out a restaurant voucher for a 2 for 1. Last month we had a lovely day out in Winchester, a caramel latte with cream, and a nice lunch at ASK all for less than £15 including parking.
    I don't know how much this saves but a welcome side effect is that I enjoy these treats so much more these days as they are fewer and further between; if you're doing it every week it ceases to be a treat!
  • -wine
    -take aways
    -got rid of my car (lost 2 stone in weight!)
    -premium brands (shop at lidl and buy whoopsies from co-op)
    - coffee in coffee shops

    dont miss any of them, paid off the mortgage and saving up now, dont owe anyone a bean...and its a great feeling :)
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  • mrswive
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    Desperate Housewife - Well done! That's quite an achievement.
  • lucylucky
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    We make a lot more of our own meals, can't remember the last time we bought a "ready meal" and very rarely have wasted food, that has probably been the biggest change.

    I now drive more for work, so walk/public transport nearly everywhere else.

    Stopped drinking alcohol, but still go out for meals a couple of times a month - nearly always on offers.
  • OrkneyStar
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    Less eating out, even in cheap cafes!
    My clothes are mainly second hand or gifts (although I can find second hand clothes that are nicer than some new ones!).
    I knit more practical things now, and only buy wool that is worth the price!
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