March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    Esmer those biscuits look GORGEOUS!
    Just updating £72.15 spent on groceries in total so far
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    Another NSD here! :j

    Just had the leftover parsnip & parmesan soup with bread for dinner. Have now looked up a recipe online and will stick it in my recipe file.

    Shouldn't need to shop until the middle of next week, and that should only be for fresh milk. I've plenty of bread, rolls, wraps etc in the freezer, so shouldn't need any of that for a while. It's amazing the amount we spend on stuff we don't really need.

    I'll be fine as long as I remember to take my lunch to work :o

    Happy Saturday

    My name is CherryPie and I'm addicted to grocery shopping!!

    Grocery Challenge

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    rachelww1 wrote: »
    Hey Esmer, great minds must think alike :D. I made exactly the same this morning (recipe out of one of my kids cookery books!), and DH and DS are tucking into them while watching the footie.

    They are so nice, never heard of them before, I made them with my 3 year old, she liked making the thumb prints and spooning in the jam. I have boxed the rest up to go to my mums, they are that tasty I will eat them all lol. :rotfl:
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    Evening all

    Just an update of the spends, spent a whopping £108.29 yesterday in MrA's - but I did buy several extras, quite a bit of meat, wine on 3 for £10 offer, chocs for my friend to take tomorrow. I have to be honest I thought I'd spent £125 - so was a pleasant surprise. Going over to have late lunch with my friends tomorrow, boys have rugby in the morning - so no roast to cook for me!

    Have a pleasant evening and Sunday.

    nmlc x
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    cutiepie, I had missed your Cider and Mustard Honey Pork recipe,:o sorry; I've added it to the index now
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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    evening all, i went to te$co earlier and spent my voucher, cost me 35p :p got anotehr block of cheese some coke and fanta, another tin of tomatoes and some dairylea (to make it up to the £30 because they had no yogurts or chicken dippers does anyone have any recipes to use up diarylea? don't get me wrong it's lovely on toast and as finger food, but i have 36 triangles now) bananas, milk, cornflakes and some chocolate, then i told mil about the vouchers and she asked me to go with her, we wnet to the big one so while there i got yogurts and dippers they hadn't had earlier so spends for the day were £2.35 :) i should be getting another voucher tomorrow :D
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    I really REALLY wanted to have a go at the whole [email protected] voucher thing, but I used an amazing amount of willpower and didn't go in. I figured, that, as I didn't need anything at all, any spend, even a frugal one, would be too much. I'm so mad at my house at the moment - there's food everywhere, so the last thing I want to do is stock up on more! Will this double the difference thing go on for long, does anyone know? I have an online order started for later this month with [email protected], but if i can make it cheaper, then i will!

    A friend came over yesterday, and I made potato bake for us, it was delicious (sometimes I love doing stuff out of jars for the simplicity factor!), and there was loads left over, enough for the children to have it for their dinner today, with a chicken breast and some peas. I poached the chicken, and because my two don't eat very much, gave them 1/4 of the breast each, leaving half for me for later - I like to eat later on a sat, when they've gone to bed. I left the meat on the side to cool down before putting into the fridge, and lo and behold, the [email protected]@n cat took it for herself!!

    I'm now going to have a slice of Christmas cake for dinner! Not at all healthy, but it needs eating. I'm not particularly hungry anyway!

    NSD again. and so I'm now on 9 NSDs out of a possible 12 - yay me!!

    Night all,
    PG x
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    esmer wrote: »
    Made a lovely biscuit today, got it from the Great British Bake off... I have put the recipe on my blog. I cant believe how delish they are.


    They are called Jam Thumb-Prints

    Yum! I made lemon biscuits earlier on which were the same shape. If I'd seen this post first I could have done the 'thumbprint' and spooned in home made lemon curd! I am DEFINITELY doing 'Double Lemon Biscuits' next time. Nice one!!!
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    Hi All,
    I've not done too badly this week, have spent about £22, but that has taken me over my target for the month. Nevermind, i've got lots in, I made three quiche lorraines yesterday, and two lemon meringue pie's when I got home from work yesterday, so felt quite industrious. I've meal planned for the week, and other than a few salad bits, shouldn't need anything...but then again!

    Have a good week everyone x
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    Hi All

    Signing in to report a complete DISASTER this month!

    Here goes:


    £3.04 in Kings Cross
    £4.50 in Slug and Lettuce in York (50% off all food on Mondays)
    45p in Boots
    £3 in Cafe Nero
    £17.50 in a Asian Tapas restaurant


    90p in Bo0ts
    40p in Mr T
    £24 in a restaurant which proved to be VERY mediocre in York


    £2 on a coffee
    £2.94 in York train station
    £2.50 in M+S


    £17 on a Vietnamese restaurant
    £3 on a bag of Brick Lane bagels


    NSD - got meatballs out of the freezer to have with pasta

    Today (Saturday)

    £20 in a lovely Spanish tapas restaurant
    £5.04 in Mr T

    So...I've spent £103.27 this week!!! In my defense it's my holiday week, but still - it doesn't look a pretty picture. I wish I didn't write notes of what I spent all week now, and just wrote the week off as holiday money! :o But - since I'm doing an annual budget in addition to monthly, I couldn't do that...

    Still quite a lot of the month left so it's just going to be damage limitation........... :mad:
    Grocery Challenge 14 Jan 14 £46.05/£130

    Grocery Challenge 13 -spent £1453.06
    Grocery Challenge 12 -spent £1565.51

    DFD 1st March 2011 :T
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