March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    Peanut Butter Cookies

    I made the cookies but my jury is out on this one. I managed to over cook the cookies on the top shelf and the ones on the other shelf were undercooked. The undercooked ones were much nicer than the overcooked ones.

    I'm going to try therecipee again in a couple of weeks but use smooth peanut butter next time. How do you gauge when they are correctly cooked?
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    Aldahbra i made the cookies today aswell, and i loved them!! (thank you tigerfeet2006!!!)
    cooked them on gas 4 in the middle of the oven, hard to say how to tell when they are done, as i prefer quite a crunchy biccie so not fussed if they are a little over done!!
    my pb was fairly smooth, m'sons value, with a few crunchy bits, though i'm thinking they would be nicer with a really chunky pb?!
    good luck getting them how you like them :)
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    quintwins wrote: »
    evening all, i went to te$co earlier and spent my voucher, cost me 35p :p got anotehr block of cheese some coke and fanta, another tin of tomatoes and some dairylea (to make it up to the £30 because they had no yogurts or chicken dippers does anyone have any recipes to use up diarylea? don't get me wrong it's lovely on toast and as finger food, but i have 36 triangles now) bananas, milk, cornflakes and some chocolate, then i told mil about the vouchers and she asked me to go with her, we wnet to the big one so while there i got yogurts and dippers they hadn't had earlier so spends for the day were £2.35 :) i should be getting another voucher tomorrow :D

    i went yesterday, spent £27 followed list so hoping to hear back today that i have a voucher cant believe how more expensive mt t were on these 9 items. i will let you know when my email arrives, fingers crossed:D
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    made a soup last night - just chucked all old veg in, mushrooms, leek, spring onions, red pepper carrot and old potatoe. liquidised and added a little worcester sauce and a dollop of bbq sauce left in a jar - very surprised that it tastes so nice - will do me for lunches this week. Also gathered all the crusts of bread I had frozen and made a bread pudding which should do kids for a few days (hopefully but they have hollow legs!) Chicken roast today and should have enough left for HM chicken pie tomorrow.
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    ooh all the biccies sound lovely , will have to make some

    managed a NSD yesterday and i have no intention of going out today either so 2 in a row :)

    i think i understand the tesco double the difference thing now thankyou, but it does seem like a lot of effort

    just watching the news re the tsunami , they think 10000 people are dead, its horrendous - i will donate to the appeal today but that wont come out of the grocery budget. what with this and the comic relief programmes in kenya, makes you realise just how fortunate we are here

    Angel good news for DH hope the good fortune continues
    Spig (((hugs))) to you hope the op does the trick x
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    Reporting 83.55 in spends between Ice**nd and L*dl yesterday. Was pleasantly surprised at how much I got for this especially the fruit and veg in L*dl. I have a few things to get today in Mr T that i couldnt get in the other shops but have written a list and intend to price it online before i go - em why havent i done this before:o

    I am getting dangerously close to my target for the month and have to go to 28th (DH pay day). I am surprisingly optimistic this month though as have loads in freezer and will make lentil soup today for lunches. Have meal planned for this week and should have enough for following week with exception of potatoes, fresh fruit, bread & milk. Good luck everone:A
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  • Morning All!

    Hugs to all that need them today:grouphug:

    A few spends to report as I've not posted for a while - didn't realise how many pages behind I was!!:eek:

    I**land - £4.00 Mr K's Pies & 500g block of cheddar

    Sainsbugs - £32.42 Milk, Smoked Salmon, blueberry muffins, mushrooms, bread, crisps, rocket, prawns, tomatoes, minced lamb, bananas, 3 peppers, white wine, cherry toms, 3 onions, linguine, 6xmullier light, tinned tomatoes, eggs.

    Not planning on buying anymore food till friday...............

    Have a good day everyone x
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  • Good morning everyone,

    has anyone seen a freezer with rubber walls because at the rate I am storing food I am going to need one.:)

    Popped into A**A yesterday and they had a free range chicken reduced and a shoulder of pork. So have cooked them and now have to try to reorganise freezer to fit them in. It would be a good game on the Krypton Factor.

    Will not buy anymore food until I make a dent on my food mountain.

    Famous last words!!

    Hope you all have a good day.
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    l.m.hart wrote: »
    i went yesterday, spent £27 followed list so hoping to hear back today that i have a voucher cant believe how more expensive mt t were on these 9 items. i will let you know when my email arrives, fingers crossed:D

    i know i said to my oh i was glad i didn't buy branded stuff often, i spent £30 and had 4 mesly bags lol, i do my whole shop for £40 lol but my 4 bags were pretty much free

    ok i've been thinking about this and i didn't add my first spend to my total, but now i've spent a voucher i'm gonna have £5 less that what i spent to spend next month, so i've was thinking of adding the £5 to my total then decided this is going to get too confusing, so i'm gonna add the whole £29.90 to my total, which will mean i'll be well over this month, but then i should be under next month

    i really can't buy anything else tho (expect my bag of spuds) as i had to play tetris last night to get a loaf in my freezer and my cupboards and fridge are just as bad
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    I was out for a walk with DGD a few days ago, I found a new butchers shop, just opened in June so...
    I ended up buying one of their offers, 2 sirloin streaks, 2 pork chops, 4 links, 4 steak and onion slice for £10 (I know I said I wouldn't be buying any meat).
    I like to support local shops where possible, though I needed meat like a hole in the head. I put the steaks and chops in the freezer and we ate the sausages, (the links) with bacon cabbage and fluffy mash.
    I think the sausage had quite a lot of filler in it, there was that kind of lingering after smell some sausages have. Not good, had the windows open for hours trying to get rid of it.
    Anyway if the steaks are are nice as Donald Russell's I will buy them again. They had mince buy two get one free, I resisted that as I have loads of mince.
    Then I popped into M+S they had a roast dinner for £5, ham with honey, a bag of potatoes, carrots and sprouts, a good deal saved almost £4 we had that last night it was yummy. Also got 4 jars of Mincemeat for 20p each, 2 packets of chicken wings ( both were eaten that night for dinner, LOL) and a quiche for £5 so spent £10.80 there.
    Then I went into Waitrose got 2 bags of walnuts ,made the apple cinnamon cake from the list OMG it was yummy, the walnuts was for another one, the first one was eaten the same day. So I spent £4 in there.
    I am SO disappointed in myself, I've not shopped like this for a while , and I was doing so well too. Although we enjoyed the food, I am really annoyed with myself for buying more food when we have so much at home.
    So £24.80 gone just like that from my GC budget :o

    :grouphug: to all who need them , especially to Angel and Spiggle, I've been sending you both healing since I learned you were poorly.
    Love and Light to you both. I pray for you both while I'm doing it. So hope it reaches you :A

    A big thank you for all the yummy recipes, the biscuits look yummy going to have a bash at them, If I can find the recipe :T
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