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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • slbhillslbhill Forumite
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    ab7 wrote: »
    Ok I tried, I really did but depressingly it came to £400 when I totalled up the spreadsheets :o Tis not the weekly shop I struggle with but the top ups during the week!

    I have the same issue -The GC has helped me reduce what I buy when I do go in but the big difference for me is being really careful with my weekly list so that I only rarely have to buy anything between weekly shops. Is there anything you can do to cut down on the number of visits?

    Apologies if I am teaching my grandma to suck eggs here :o, but I have a list of everything I buy (not individual items, but headings - bread, rolls, milk, cheese, sandwich meat, snacks...) which I keep on the kitchen noticeboard. As I notice we're low on anything (usually when I open the last packet) I put it on the list. Then the day before I go shopping I do a menu plan for the week starting from stuff I already have & adding anything extra to the list. So for example I had cream and bacon to use up, so I added parmesan to my list so we could have carbonara. Then I skim through the list and check my stock levels. This means I'm a lot less likely to run out of something mid-week and have to enter the zone of temptation :rotfl: Of course it doesn't always work (my OH has only just got the hang of putting something on the list if he's low, and the amount of bread & milk we use is a bit variable. The freezer helps there though!).

    But anyway I'm sure you've spent a lot less than if you hadn't been trying the challenge & got a lot more aware of what you spend and when :T, hope you're happier with your results next month !
  • fingersxedfingersxed Forumite
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    £523.93!!!!! :mad: Hangs head in utter shame. I thought i was doin so well but having just checked my handbag for recipts I found one from tesco that i had not put on spreadsheet!! it was for +£80!!

    Oh well must try harder. Put me down for £450 in April please. I have upped my budget cause I have yet to come within budget, the kids are off a fair chunk of April, and food seems to have gone up more than i thought.
  • beemuzedbeemuzed Forumite
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    Oh help - well over this month, and no idea why - meed to go back to saving every receipt I think!

    Think twice before spending anything!
  • :eek: I've completely lost track of my spending this month :o I *think* I am under budget as I got some of the Mr T DTD vouchers.......but not 100% sure :o There is no point in declaring as I really have no clue!!! Am back for April though and am going to go for £250 again. I will keep a better track this time as well :o
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  • CupOfChaiCupOfChai Forumite
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    Declaring for March at £69.85, only just squeaked in under target! Lucky that, specially as I had to do my last weekly shop in a Co-op so that one was a bit more expensive than my shops in other supermarkets.
  • Missus_AkaMissus_Aka Forumite
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    declaring £94.32 for march
    SPC Member#1096 Target £150 Feb Count £82.18
    Aug Make£5P.DayChal £0/£155
    My August £100 Grocery Challenge £49.90/£100
  • Sue14Sue14 Forumite
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    Lucky I didn't declare sooner, as I went to A1di on Thursday and spent another £14.66, so declaring at £126.97 for March.
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    goodlife_wannabesgoodlife_wannabes Forumite
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    Hi Please put me down as £171.10 of March and £200 for April
    MAR GC /£346
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  • mfwin2019mfwin2019 Forumite
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    £25 over but because of Mr T DTD the cupboards are bulging - £210/£185
  • nessie216nessie216 Forumite
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    Total for March £141.94/£150

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