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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 February 2011 at 12:01AM in Old style MoneySaving
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  • well i would like to declare my march spends....305.56/250........ I realised i wasn't going to make target early on and *mentally* upped it to £300 as this was a 5 weeks month for not too bad really considering cupboards are stocked up and have meals in freezer still. Next month is a 4 week month for us again BUT dh & ds are home for all of it so would like to try for £300 for April :) well done to all of you who made it in on target!
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    Aim High!
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  • Hi

    The Thrifty Scrumpers Declaring at £437.08 for March.

    Thank you very much.
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  • Hello All!

    Haven't posted for a while, but haven't had grocery spends for a week or so! :j

    So I am here to declare £103.77/£90 for March and pledge £90 again for April. Thanks MrsM
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  • My fridge and freezer seem to be back up and runnning, knock on wood, so I will be doing a spot of shopping tomorrow - my last of March, only need a few bits. I spent £1.14 in Gr3gs the bakers today on a sausage roll and cookie for DS so am off to update my total.
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  • rachelww1rachelww1 Forumite
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    Another small spend on cat food, and some pasta salads for work, so I'll declare at £311.02/£250 for March. Not too bad as I'd forgotten it was a 5 week month. I'd like to set a budget of £300 for April please. 4 week month for me, but Easter hols to contend with.
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  • Billie-joBillie-jo Forumite
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    Have been out and spent exactly £21 today and although including it in GC none of it was for us but for DD 1 and her family (hubby and 2 little ones) who are finding things hard this week or so due to an unexpected large vet bill. Brought mainly fresh stuff as they have freezer and tinned stuff in stock. (I taught her well) :D

    So I now have £59 left for tomorrows shopping, will manage on this so not too bad and it just means that we will be very close to the GC instead of being able to bank a few spare ££'s or so this month.
    BUT Its only money :rotfl: and lets face it if you cant help your children out if they need it who can you help. :)

    Will declare tomorrow or on Friday.

    Good luck to everyone for April and hello :hello: hope you all do well to the newbies.
    MARCH £62.38/250
  • Savvy_sewingSavvy_sewing Forumite
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    Well I have just scraped in with £230.54 spends for March.

    Sorry I have not managed to be on the thread through out the month, but I am still doing my challenges!.
    Can you count me in for April again please.
    I have a holiday for 5 days soon, so I will probably spend on meals out, but they will have to come out of my food budget. So can I stay at £250 for APRIL,
    Sorry cant find the size bit to make my words bigger?
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  • Nsd for me again today, and with the thought of a 15 or so hour work day coming up tomorrow, can't imagine I'll be doing any spending then! Also, bf coming to see me, so I'll want to get straight home to see him as he's away (RAF) for pretty much the whole of April then (including my birthday).

    So, I'm going to declare a day earlier than the end of the month, confident that I'll not be spending tomorrow. This challenge has really made me turn a corner, as previously the thought that I wouldn't be able to go shopping would be enough to tip me over the edge and go shopping anyway!! Yey me!!

    PennyGrabber coming in at a rather lush £127.72/£150 for March! :j:T:j I've never been under by that much before, but then I've also never been this committed or open-eyed before.

    I did pledge that my underspends here would go on overpayments for the mortgage, but having had such an expensive month (DD bday, car breaking:eek:, kettle breaking, washing machine breaking:eek:, fridge freezer breaking:eek:), I feel fairly justified at putting the £22.28 towards that!

    PG x

    ps - I've come on early today, so I can go and do some decorating later! If I come on here in the evening, nothing will get done!!:o
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  • freakyogrefreakyogre Forumite
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    £1.11 spent in Tesco today on a newspaper, tomato puree and a tin of sweetcorn. I don't think i'll need anything else this month, although I might cave in and buy some ice lollies tomorrow as have had a tickly throat for days!

    I also need to get some crisps as am down to my last 5 packets :eek:! (i'm an addict). I just looked back and I stocked up back in November when Lidl had them on their half price offer and apart from the odd bag, I haven't bought any since.
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
  • katholicoskatholicos Forumite
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    Sorry all, i've been a bit pants this month when it comes to recording my spends on groceries. I reckon i've come in under budget though. Will try harder for April.
    Grocery Challenge for October: £135/£200

    NSD Challenge: October 0/14
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