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Hi all.
Does anyone know what the difference is between the Ideal logic and Logic+ boilers. The only difference [from a non plumber] what i can see is the warranty for the Logic+ has a five year parts and labour warranty where as the logic has a two year one.



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    Believe me, if thinking of fitting an Ideal, then always go for the plus version with the 5 year warranty.
  • Thanks for the advice gas4you.
    I have seen a couple of threads surfing around about Ideal and quite a few are giving the thumbs up for the Logics saying Ideal seem to have got rid of all the gremlings that they had with previouse boilers and those who have fitted them have not had any complaints.
    The Logic+ with the 5 year parts and labour warranty sounds very good so they must be confident and another good point the are British built
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    They have had a few spark generator faults and I can't remember the other fault that is quite common, but nothing as yet like the old Isar/Icos range.
  • Thanks for the p.m gas4you
  • Logic combi+ has 5 years warranty, a small user display that gives you information on the boiler status.
    Logic heat+ and system+ have a 5 year warranty only.
  • How do they compare to the Vaillant combis in terms of reliability and price? Also do they have just a normal non combi boiler system and is that reliable? At some point I'm going to have to bite the bullet and replace my old boiler that has served at least 15 years, I'm keen to get a reliable one in replacement, I like the idea of a 5 year warranty.
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    Vaillant vs Ideal? Surely no contest.
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
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    ....Ideal seem to have got rid of all the gremlings that they had with previouse boilers ...

    Don't forget that it takes several years before you have a fair idea about a boiler. Until they started dropping like flies due to melted/rotted :mad: heat exchangers, it looked like the Response was fantastic. That lasted about 4 years. If memory serves, Ideal took them out of the market after 4 years, and never had any boilers that looked remotely like this disaster.
    Then we had the Isar, wich had a number of problems, and the Evo was not much better imho.

    ...another good point the are British built
    At best the are part assembled in the U.K. I would certainly not say they are BUILT here!
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