Great 'What's your biggest ever waste of Money?' Hunt



  • pop80_uk wrote: »
    My biggest waste of money has to be my first car, 17 and I bought a Rover Metro for £800 and then insurance TPFT for £1200 a year, then proceeded to waste around £1200 pimping it up.........

    All for two years motoring when the un-comfy, slow and frankly death trap dangerous car failed its MOT with the dreaded rusted underneath.

    It was good only for scrap and I made about £200 from the scrap and a few parts......

    I may as well just burnt a load of fivers! :( When your young you will never be told though ;)

    When I was 17 I too looked at a Metro, luckily for me my Dad came with me, he was an HGV mechanic who new everything about everything (yes im biased I know). He lifted the bonnet unscrewed some sort of cap?, as it loosened it blew off, right out his hand and into the air. He quickly shut the bonnet, turned to me and said "think we'll leave this one".

    I was so disappointed cause "I liked the colour".
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  • jakes-mum
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    Our life insurance through our mortgage broker 5 years ago , cost twice the price than if i'd done it myself :eek: (all been changed now thanks to Matin and his MSE emails :D :money:)
    Was young, hubby was and still is money useless and we believed the rubbish he spouted! never again will I let anyone but me do any of our insurances!!
    SPC No 002 SPC(3) £285/£250 (4) £519.84/£500 (5) £768.32/£500 (6) £911.30/£600 (7) £913.23/£600 (8) £1184.82/£750 (9) £2864.04/£750 (10) £3846.25/£1000 (11) £1779.72/£1000 (12) £1596.55/£1000 (13) £1534.70/£1000 (14) £775.60/£1000 (15) £700.20/£1000 (16) £2081.34/£1000 (17) £0/£1000
  • Payed payment protection for a year without realizing that since I was on a Tier2 and working through an umberella company, I cannot claim this insurance unless I am leaving the country. :(
  • mervyn67 wrote: »
    Ours was the Ronseal "POWER" Fence Paint Sprayer. Looks good with the feller in the advert but is TOTALLY useless. (Just my opinion!)

    We bought one of those and it's still in it's box in the garage - still in it's selophane wrapping! LOL! :rotfl:
  • Issyc wrote: »
    Getting married.

    I was going to say this - although my wedding didn't cost that much, the resulting divorce and monetary fallout due to my X2B being an idiot has cost me far more than I can really afford. Plus the wedding wasn't just a waste of my/his money but that of my friends and family who bought presents/paid for bits of it. :-(

    I would also say my van, but I love it so much that I don't really care that it costs me a fortune by breaking down/falling apart on a regular basis. It's kitted out in the back with bed/loo/cooker/kitchen (yes even the kitchen sink) and my OH and I go on holiday in it regularly over the Spring/Summer/Autumn. Once we've fitted the heating system we'll be able to go away in winter too... ;)

    Are you Issy from Wikivorce by any chance BTW? If so *waves* hi! :D

  • ViolaLass
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    Metal detector.

    I was utterly convinced that I would take it up as a hobby. Used it once. £50 down the drain. I still wince when I think of it and it was two years ago!
  • Flatscreen HDTV – most people have these now and have probably replaced a perfectly good ordinary TV, yet they don’t have a freeview+ HD receiver or Satellite HD, or Bluray player so cannot or haven’t viewed HD on them anyway!

    SKY Satellite television but managed to cancel the subscription eventually after several years. It wasn’t easy. I spent over two hours on the phone with them before they finally got the message that I wasn’t going to take any more of their offers. I now use the equipment just for freesat and have found that a couple of channels on there are free but you have to pay for them as part of a package on SKY!
  • pan111
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    Paying out £12500 for a car to be imported only for the conpany to go bust...paid deposit and final balance with cheques so nothing covered.

    Company bosses were done for fraud, but it was little comfort.

    Posted about this back in 2007 -
  • Sublime_2
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    Bought one of those reciever boxes for £80 where you can pick up virgin for free. Never bothered to set it up, and has sat gathering dust.
  • biggest waste of money was buying an 11k car on finance (final cost £14k) then part ex it after 5yrs for 1.5k!!
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