Great 'What's your biggest ever waste of Money?' Hunt



  • jcm1970
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    My Vitamix. The thing really is rather brilliant (It can make delicious piping hot soup from scratch in less than 6 minutes), but it's huge, weighs a tonne and I use it perhaps once or twice a year. The cost of this bundle of joy? A mere £400! Craziness!:eek:
  • Trendy lessons & clubs for the children when they are still babies and toddlers.

    With my first I did swimming baby clubs, music clubs, tumbling clubs etc. all costing at least £5 for a 30 minute lesson.

    What a huge waste of money.

    With my third one I went to a local playgroup, 50p with a cup of tea thrown in, for 2 hours and it was much more fun for the little one and for me.

    Infact, I've wasted hundreds on pointless things the children have no interest in (violin being the latest) because I'm trying to "enrich their lives". Why do I fall for such twaddle?

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  • mervyn67
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    Ours was the Ronseal "POWER" Fence Paint Sprayer. Looks good with the feller in the advert but is TOTALLY useless. (Just my opinion!)
  • Hello all,
    My biggest waste of money was getting all the 'Free Overdrafts and credit cards' when i became a student at aged 18. took a loan to repay and then built up debt again aswell as paying the loan. It was an interesting couple of years of pub crawls and all night benders. never really spent the money on any material possesions so couldn't even sell anything to repay debt. hard lesson learnt and now 6 years later only just managing to get myself clear. biggest advice for new students:- TRY NOT TO USE ANY SORT OF BORROWING IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.
  • I once put £5,000 deposit down on a house I wanted to buy in order for the seller to stop it from going to auction... only to change my mind a few days later! Young and foolish (and not flush:()
  • I bought a car for £2k in Edinburgh (I'm based in the Midlands) which proceeded to catch fire halfway home! Despite having been to look at it, I'd been seduced by a low price and a shiny paint job into ignoring the thorough mechanical going-over I should have given it. The clues were there, but I was blind to them. The damn thing is still sitting in the car park of my flat, fire-damaged, until I can afford to repair it, giving me a daily reminder of how much it cost.

    Another waste was a birthday gift for my ex-gf a few years ago. She was a passionate foodie so I bought her a box of very expensive hand-reared Kobe beef steaks for about £50. They were sent by a standard courier in a box packed with ice bags. She missed the delivery and only got hold of the box nearly a week later, by which time the meat had all gone bad :(
  • gmang
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    Gym membership. Surprised this one hasn't been mentioned yet!

    £50 joining fee (apparently that's half price!) plus £35 per month for a year. I went about 10 times then cancelled. Now I PAYG at the local council leisure centre instead.
  • Mine would be my first set of driving lessons. I had lessons for eight months but never practiced outside them and was a nervous driver at 17 anyway, so ended up never taking the test. At £20 a lesson that's rather a lot...
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  • Mine is buying food that is too close to the sell buy date, no matter how many times I check dates there is always one that slips through and it always has to be an expensive one!
  • vcb1981
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    3. Moving home - huge con - you young people, just decide how big a house you need, buy it and stay there for life.
    Trillian wrote: »
    If only it were that easy...

    Yea, was thinking the same thing myself when I read it! Believe me, if i could afford it i would be in the house that i want to spend the rest of my life in, (nothing fancy) but instead am in my crappy flat hoping to take a step up the chain in about 18 months.
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