Great 'What's your biggest ever waste of Money?' Hunt



  • trejoy
    trejoy Posts: 74 Forumite
    My worst ever was stocking up with cheap wine on hols to be charged £80 for excess luggage.:T
  • darrow_2
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    Expensive wine in restaurants. Never worth the money.
    Don't fall into the "least-expensive-but-one" trap either. That's what most people buy and the restaurant owner knows it.
  • Many moons ago was conned into buying spirits in champagne bottles in Spain i.e. to be able to bring back more through Customs. ;) Sounded brilliant - choose whatever spirits you like and come back tomorrow to collect your sealed 'champagne' bottles. Customs' officer took one look, turned the bottles upside down (apparently you can tell by the bubbles whether it's a spirit inside or champagne/sparking wine) and then showed me a list of all the retailers doing the scam. Lost the lot!
    Make the most of everything in life (especially Avon ;))
  • Our biggest was £10K to buy land that was "sure to get planning permission" and make us a bit of cash. The company has now gone (Hayden James) and we have a nice but useless plot of land miles away! One day I may get round to doing something with it!! Or I might get a call from someone asking to buy it off me for shed loads of cash. Was that a flying piggy I just saw........... :-S
  • A home delivery diet. £1,000!!! :eek:

    I signed up for a one-time payment and would get my food delivered for 6 months. That would be great, except that I stuck with it for less than a month before I decided I couldn't do it.

    Ebayed off the food and recouped some, but by far not all of the money. Waste of money, and all my own fault.
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  • metalgal
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    getting a financial advisor to get us a mortgage. what a rip off, we were majorily conned.

    the new eyeshadow i treated myself to last week, useless.

    a juicer that was used about twice before we realised pre made juice is much much cheaper and less bother.
  • Voyager2002
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    I'm surprised that no-one has mentioned divorce yet...
  • For me it's DVD's. I'm a huge film fan but have bought too many over the years I've never watched or only watched once. About 150 in fact, which I mostly bought in sales thinking 'Well it's only £6 so it's fine and I liked the film when I saw it'. They also take up a huge amount of space, of course. I've been working my way through them for over a year and have donated about 60.

    So almost £1000 down the drain, which is flights and accomodation for a long weekend in New York - awful. But you live and learn.
  • Spent £6000 on a car, been back to garage 11 times, bonnet chipped 3 times, windscreen twice, had a wheel cover smash into the side, number plates nicked, flat battery.

    All in 2 and a half months...

    I am very lucky
  • Ezmondino
    Ezmondino Posts: 404 Forumite
    berrybird wrote: »
    Mine is buying food that is too close to the sell buy date, no matter how many times I check dates there is always one that slips through and it always has to be an expensive one!

    Freeze it...most things freeze nowadays and will last for months.
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