Great 'What's your biggest ever waste of Money?' Hunt



  • nonnatus
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    booking a holiday on impulse (on the computer following several large glasses of vino) and then realising it was not possible to go. Lost £250 deposit and it still hurts today, 5 years later. Feels like I sat at that computer and literally burned 25 £10 notes. Never, EVER again.
  • jenniewb
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    1. 3 Mobile: not my choice, they scammed me. (Will detail if you have a good half hour!) Contract ends in Feb. Lesson learn, new contract will not be with 3 Despite them sending me a letter AFTER I tried to cancel early/in advance, telling me my contract had been renewed.

    2. Pair of running shoes for neutral feet when I know I severaly over pronate...but they looked so pretty....!

    3. Half my wardrobe- well, maybe slightly less, I took most of it to the charity clothes bin on New Years Day. Stuff looks good on the hanger...looks terrible on me!

    4. Make-up Foundation. Never wear it, own loads of it, never seem to learn.

    5. Soaps from Lush, smell divine and I own boxes. Never use them. (I use body wash).

    6. E music subscription. £18 for many downloads, could be useful if there was anything worth downloading on the site!

    7. A chair from The Pier, bought on ebay, collected over the other side of the country by coach, sold on ebay 6 months later when I realised I had no use for it.

    8. 3-4-2 books. Do this about once a year despite yeilding the same results: I never end up reading more then one of the three, theres always a better book out there!

    9. Curling wand. Can't be bothered anymore.

    10. Tinned beans, never get round to using them, similar with herbal tea, tinned tuna, dried lentils and herbs.
  • brewerdave
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    Gardening "accessories" - 1. leaf blower bought before we realised it didn't work with wet leaves!!!
    2. Small (very expensive!) hardwood greenhouse for seed germination etc - now rotting against the garage wall.
    3. kneeling stool plus box of tools - never used yet! My OH still using old trowels etc
    4. Electric moss raker/leaf remover - absolutely useless!
  • roddydogs
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    Digital Photo Frame
  • noody123
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    My ex husband cost me thousands.
  • To pop80_uk;mine was also a Metro.Should have had it looked at before buying,it was high milage and had not had regular servicing over the years.I threw loads of money at it as I thought each time that was the last thing that needed doing to it.
    Lesson to be learned;Always get you mechanic or someone you trust to look a car over for you.That was the only time I didnt do that.
    Back on the trains again!

  • Fred56 wrote: »
    The world's worst money wasters
    3. Moving home - huge con - you young people, just decide how big a house you need, buy it and stay there for life.

    If only it were that easy...
  • ehalil
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    pop80_uk wrote: »
    My biggest waste of money has to be my first car, 17 and I bought a Rover Metro for £800 and then insurance TPFT for £1200 a year, then proceeded to waste around £1200 pimping it up.........

    All for two years motoring when the un-comfy, slow and frankly death trap dangerous car failed its MOT with the dreaded rusted underneath.

    It was good only for scrap and I made about £200 from the scrap and a few parts......

    I may as well just burnt a load of fivers! :( When your young you will never be told though ;)

    Just wanted to say, I got a rover metro as my first car too but I wrote it off within 4 months of passing my test which was a shame as it was a lovely little car, don't diss the Rover Metro too much!;)

    My biggest money waste was when I went on holiday last year, in the rush of organising everything, I didn't realise that my hotel didn't accept credit cards so I had to withdraw all my hotel fees from an ATM, so I got a lower exchange rate and had to pay fees for withdrawing the cash!!

    I got burned!! but still had a fab holiday up to that point :cool:
  • Having kids.

    OK so there are some upsides there :p but seriously, if anyone had told me how much they cost I might have got a dog instead!
  • Putting my teenage son on a mobile phone monthly contract. What was i thinking! Aaargh.
    I have my son's contract with 3 and have set a limit on it, was going to go with Vodaphone as he wanted but discovered you couldn't set a monthly spending limit with them.
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