Capital One are bombarding me with junk mail

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  • I too am a fan of sending these companies their junk mail back to them in the prepaid envelope they so kindly supplied. However I ensure I have written on it "Unsolicited and unwanted mail. Please remove my details from your database". If there are any inserts, leaflets etc they get returned too, but ripped up.

    BTW I used to follow the strategy of writing "gone away" and putting the junk back in the mail. However my postman mentioned this to me and said that this could potentially stop the rest of your mail as your postman/woman is supposed to be alert to people moving out. Well that's what he told me anyway - he was on the ball and knocked my door to find out if I had really moved. I told him what I had done and he said it is OK to send back junk mail but just to put "return to sender/unwanted mail" on the envelope rather than to write you don't live at that address.
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    we get capital one application forms alot(wife and i) last five or six had pens in them
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  • Capital one must be the most environmentally unkind credit card company Grrrrrrrrr.

    I remember getting one of these daft offers from a company in Germany who included a international prepaid envelope. As I had just returned from Dublin with some loose change (pre-Euro days) I shoved the copper coins in the envelope and posted it to them :)
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    The plastic dummy cards they often send out are the certainly the most annoying thing ever along with the branded pen supplied to convieniently fill in the app with,....I often get about 2 a week....such a waste.

    Anyone thought of an alternative use for the annoying dummy cards!? I play snap with mine, always win.

    Often use the pen to frantically scribble hate messages for offering paltry 6 month 0% cards when returning the duff app form with the prepay envelope.

    The pen then gets sent to MBNA as they have the poorest communications,....they never take the hint!
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