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Capital One are bombarding me with junk mail

in Credit cards
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Every single day, i get a capital one credit card application form in the post, it's bloody annoying, is there anyway I can get them to stop sending me the same forms over and over again with their free cheap pen etc i wouldnt mind if it was sent now and again but this is a daily occurrence


  • You could always ask them to take you off their mailing lists but you'll probably find they won't know how to, can't do it immediately and you may get back on there again.

    You should investigate the mailing preference service as well (

    If all else fails stuff the envelopes with any old crap and send them back. You won't stop getting them but it may be more fun.
  • Join the mail preference service to opt out of junk mail, and write to capital one to tell them to remove you from their mailing lists.

  • RafterRafter Forumite
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    Alternatively, you could apply for one of their 0% offers, pay it off in full after 6 months and then put the card in the drawer. They will soon lose interest in marketing to you then!

    Smile :), it makes people wonder what you have been up to.
  • xboxxbox Forumite
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    that didn't work for me!!
    I've got one of their cards & I still get an offer each week - didn't get the 18 months tho :(
  • JohnhowellJohnhowell Forumite
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    You can tell it is Capital One without opening the envelope. I cross out my address and write that "No one of that name lives here, please return to sender. PTO"

    On the back underline the return address and write "Please update your database, Thank you" Then re-post.

    Usually takes three/four attempts to get free of Capital One.

    I have not recieved one for a long time now.

    I have also used this method on others. Some come in unmarked envelopes so I take note of the return address on the back and cross check if another one arrives.

  • My method of dealing with all junk mail, (as first suggested in a book by writer Bill Bryson): Rip up the leaflets/letter, but leave the section with your name and address intact. Then stuff it all in a pre-paid envelope and send it back to them.

    It's fun to do -and a company won't pay out for mailing envelopes for long if it just gets them sent back this way.
    Mr Lewis saved my life.
  • thorthor Forumite
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    This is what I do with junk mail in general. Especially bad are the 'you have won an award' ones where you have to pay an admin fee or call a special rip off number before you can hold of the promised prize.
    I do this even with return envelopes which needs the intended victim to supply the stamp. Does anyone know if these con artists have to pay for any letters sent back to them unstamped? It would be sweet if that was the case. I can just imagine them not being able to resist paying for the postage only to recieve shredded paper instaed of a cheque. What's even funnier is that I don't send their own junk back to them but swap between the various companies which are hounding me. I even look forward to it now. :-)
  • BossybootsBossyboots Forumite
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    We too are being bombarded by Capital One. I usually just send back empty return envelopes but perhaps I will start putting the name and address back inside and hope they get the message.

    If you send a letter without a stamp, the person the other end is supposed to pay for the stamp and also a fee for handling. In reality, that only seems to happen when we get unstamped mail at home. Very often we get mail at work that is marked there is a fee to pay and it is just put through the door. We refuse to take anything with a fee to pay anyway so perhaps the postie just got fed up coming up the stairs only to be told we didn't want the post. A couple of times we have had a card left saying there is an item to collect from the sorting office but that is two miles away so we don't pick up from there either.
  • Send a brick back every time and see how long they'll continue to pay the postage :)
  • daveboydaveboy Forumite
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    Sometimes joining the list to stop getting it actually works in the favour of the company. I don't mind getting adverts through the post and then binning them. Binning them costs nothing. Each one they send me costs them in postage.

    If I really dislike a company I'll ask for things through their website (that don't involve credit checks though) deliberately to cost them a few pounds.

    Empty return envelopes is one I haven't done but is a great idea.
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