A Payment A Day - Part 10!

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  • Ok so am still a novice at online banking and I am loving it, and I have just realised that you can pay your CC bills online:j, WOW how could I have not known this, :eek::eek:, seriously don't know how I missed this, now am feeling very in control and will continue my PAD straight to CC.
    Payment a day challenge £10.30 so far - NSDs 1/4 - £2 savers club - £78
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  • Happy New Year to all!

    £1 to Barclaycard please!! ;)
    :D"Sealed Pot Challenge" member 1123:D
    :TSmoke free since 12/12/10:T
    Debt - £11,000 December 2010:eek:
    :cool:DFD - 1st December 2012:cool:
    "Pay off as much as you can in 2011 challenge!"
  • Eager_ElephantEager_Elephant Forumite
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    Hi FF

    Just wondering if you could copy and paste Paul's post above with the figures for December & 2010 on your last post on the old thread. Then it will have ended just nicely. :rotfl:


  • pippopippo Forumite
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    Back on the padding wagon too..
    Kicking off with £135.00 to cc.
    Rest of the month will be little padets.. unless a miracle happens!

    Happy New Year and Happy New thread,
  • saorsiesaorsie Forumite
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    Happy New Year fellow padsters :beer:

    Thanks Paul for counting upping in December and :T to Flyin' for January (and to Ju for Feb!)

    Soooooo £9.45 for me please FF to the 'What If?' Fund

    Frugal living challenge 2012 live on £8500 ~ £7725.87 remaining
    Make £5/day in 2012 ~ £482.24/£1830 ~ 22.52%
    Proud Member of PAD since January 2010 ~ Total paid to date £11386.64
    Savings Pot for 2012 ~ £772.60/£3000 ~ 23.38%
    Lose 19lbs / Save £2k by 30/04/12 *5/19lbs* £158.72/£2000
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    £144.66 for me today :)
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  • Hello, can I join this thread please? Its a great idea. I am going to make a payment every day into my e savings account and then pay the money at the end of the month off of my credit card.

    So £1.64 for me today.
    If you knew it then you know it!

  • SassersSassers Forumite
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    Happy New Year fellow padders_party_
    Thanks to all the counter-uppers so far - I really appreciate it:j
    Pad today of 99p...(to the spare change jar}
    Catch you all later
    Love Sassers x
    Current debt and mortgage: £25, 820.35 Debt/Mortgage at start: £92,598 (27/09/2010)
  • hey, happy new year! a year of paying off as many debts as possible!

    2.41 for me today please :)
    l/b moment 8/12/10
    27680 total debt 13093 july 13 now Dec 14-10650 August 15 17,217 Dfd October 20
  • £1

    Just a pound for me today...
    Start Date: 27/11/2010
    Padding: Day 42
    Target £8000
    Amount: £562.23
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