A Payment A Day - Part 10!

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  • Little_bit_dizzyLittle_bit_dizzy Forumite
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    The December total came to
    I reckon that's a great effort for a December - nearly £1k a day.

    Thanks for adding all through December Paul!

    Happy 2011
    I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions...
  • Happy New Year everyone!

    £2 to Barclaycard today and £3 to Simply Be. So £5 total. :)
    *Insert interesting words here*
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    Happy New Year everyone!

    I'm just popping in to post a quick PAD for today of £208.

    Just getting ready to make the trip 'oop north' to visit more family but we went to Asda this morning to get one of the £99 wii's so guess who's left doing all the tidying up and packing while somebody plays with his new toy... :mad::rotfl:

    Fantastic total for last year - we need to go onwards and upwards now - million is a bit ambitious but 600k might be do-able?

    Have a good day all!

    Ths signature is out of date because I'm too lazy to update it... :o
  • JayJay14JayJay14 Forumite
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    Morning hope everyone has recovered from last night.

    Had a look at the figures this morning and decided to PAD £200 to tescocc, £80 to OH's evilegg and the 50p in my purse into the gold jar (see being flexible again:D)

    Total £280.50
  • Ifireworks.gifholiday_events_171.gifHS1NY1.gifIfireworks.gif

    Hi all

    Hope you all had a great start to 2011!! I was in bed just after 12 :p But I kept getting woken up by the kids coming in :mad:

    Fantastic total for the month big thanks to Paul for all his totting up :T:T:beer::T and thanks to FF for doing this month - I knew somebody had said they'd do it - see I'm not going senile quite yet :D

    Great total for the year as well - well done everyone :T:T:T
    I thnk we should aim for 3/4 of a million in 2011 :j

    Checked my bank accounts this morning and I've been charged £20 and £23.66 interest! :mad::mad: plus my loan has gone out and a few of my dd's - so money quite tight til next payday - great start to the year!!!

    My debt total has now gone under £12k - thanks to my loan coming out :j:j

    Pad today is £1.34 ISA and £2 cap1 pls

    Debt @ LBM - £25,722 Debt now - £11,811 DFD - April 2012 :eek: :eek:
    Payment a day challenge - 8/8/08 - £8669.73:jISA - £127.07
    Sealed Pot Challenge #283 £489.50 for 2009//£353 for 2010
    Stopped smoking 1/11/2010 - money saved so far:£515:D
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    Anyway F_F.
    All the PADS from midnight onward are yours :)
    Thanks Paul and thanks for the amazing job you did as counter-upper :D :T
  • Happy New Year folks! - I'm just glad I found this thread and what a great idea, only been PADding for about 15 days now and might only be £1 a day or so but I guess it's better than nothing to get debt-free quicker.. :beer:

    All the best for 2001...! :T
    David :)
    £1 of debt is too much for me!
  • Another £1 for me please! :T (£1 to Halifax Credit Card)
    David :)
    £1 of debt is too much for me!
  • boysmaboysma Forumite
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    Morning all and happy new year:beer:

    Hope everyone had a good night. Went to bed at 3 am but was just sitting up watching telly with DS2 nothing exciting:o 30.00 today please FF to cap one cc. Thanks to Paul for counting up in December:T
    Payment A Day £15 (started 17/5/14) :j
  • Happy New Year madam, hope it's lovely for you and "the weans" :D

    You coming back to the PAD Family anytime soon? ;)


    Yes :D I'll be back on the wagon as of today...I'm going to try to clear my loan this year. I've no idea how much is left to go but I'm gonna put money aside to pay if off in one go so I'll pay less interest!
    Started PADdin' 13/04/09 paid £7486.66 - CC free 02/11/10
    Aim for 2011 - pay off car loan £260.00 saved
    Nerd No. 1173! :j
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