Need a Current account but can't help!!!!

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    kenshaz wrote:
    Why did you assume that I was referring to you?:eek:
    The proximity of your post to mine. perhaps I misjudged you, Ken. if the OP is being penalised for his mum's behaviour that is entirely wrong. I sincerely hope he manges to get what he desires and uses it sensibly.
  • my credit score is low because i have no history i can't even get a current account but i don't think you should lie it might come back to haunt you
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    grumbler wrote:
    I always believed that there is no any noticeable difference between Visa and Maestro. Am I wrong?

    In the UK there is no difference for acceptence levels in shops. Worldwide, Maestro is not nearly as well accepted in shops as Visa. Especially in America.
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    robb2002 wrote:
    Right so here we go... I need a current account (which i already have with HSBC) but the problem is that I only have a maestro card and I need a visa debit card. I applied to transfer over to First Direct (a parent company of HSBC) and they have declined my application because the credit scoring was too low. I also applied for Nationwide and the same problem occured.
    I am only 19 and I only earn about £4000 a year but I have £600 saved already. The problem is, is that my mum was bad a paying debts and I know the house is black listed. I really don't know what to do. I was wondering if it would be ok to apply for an account with my Dads address because it has a good credit rating, or does it have to be from the address that my other bank account is related to?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    HSBC and First Direct both offer Maestro cards.
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