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I took the long overdue decision today that the most significant thing I can do to reduce my outgoing was to quit drinking - I probably spend about £30-40 a week on beer and wine. If anyone has got some help and advice to keep me going I would really appreciate it.

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  • Good luck, davidm - best way to avoid temptation is to keep busy, obviously. That way you won't get bored and reach for the drink.

    I gave up regular boozing after my lightbulb moment and now buy a nice bottle of wine once a month on payday - it lasts me the weekend.

  • Good luck! Well done for taking the first steps! Keep us posted on how you get on!
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  • Good luck! I've given up my red wine habit due to pregnancy so I do sympathise. My best advice is to do something else. I find that when I get in from work if I make a cup of tea instead of reaching for the corkscrew the moment of "needing a drink" passes and it doesn't bother me.
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  • I am also going to join te nerds club - can anyine point me in the right direction to enrol?
    Mortgage £153000
    Egg £0
    M&S £5970.00
    Amex £0
    Sainsbury's £0
    Lloyds £5800
    Natwest overdraft £0

    target date for debt free of credit cards December 2008

    ;) We must become the change we want to see - Ghandi

    DFW nerd no.207
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    Hi there and well done on your decision!I hope you have many more days without a drink ;) Find out what triggers you to drink - boredom, sitting in front of the tv, having a meal - and provide yourself with an alternative :)

    Southernscouser runs the nerds club. I am sure he can sort you out a number ;)
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  • If I give the booze up by myself I very rarely manage to stay off it longer than a week so I usually make a pact with the mrs and we usually manage 2-3 weeks but by then I'm gagging for a cold beer. Good luck, I feel your pain!
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    I recently cut down dramatically on the amount I drink.

    I find going to the gym to do a class/play squash/badminton?have a swim etc and then coming home to a nice - well deserved - meal really helps.

    I's definitely the keeping busy thing. And I allow myself to drink half a bottle of wine and eat bad food one night a week (friday or saturday) - that way I've got something to look forward to.

    Lots of non-caffienated drinks in the house are good too - herb teas (I know...I hated them too at first, but have become partial to a peppermint one before bedtime), hot choc etc.

    Good luck!!

  • Well done on giving up! I used to drink quite a bit and still have the odd one but to be honest feel so much better for not drinking that I rarely bother! Feel more awake, less sluggish in the morning but only problem is that I get a horrendous hangover now if I do drink - even 1 G&T!! My advice would be when you get the urge do something to keep yourself busy and the urge will pass but if you've been drinking quite a bit the initial desire for a drink can be quite strong! I also had really weird nightmares/dreams for about a week! Seriously though the benefits to your physical & mental health in giving up will be worth it - just hang in there & have a know - how you feel when you climb the walls hug from me!! You'll also be far better off! Well done & remember if you fail, dust yourself off & start again - if you've tried you've not failed anyway! Keep us updated!
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    The nerds thread was on the front page a couple of days ago, I joined then.

    Well done on the drinking front. :grouphug:
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  • Me too Davidm! I go out far less than I used to now I am married, but we are both quite partial to drinking indoors, whether it's in front of the TV or with dinner etc. I reckon we also spend about that much on booze per week. Also adding to my post-wedding weight gain I'm sure!

    We've joined a gym and started jogging through the week, so hopefully limit any drinking to the weekend.....
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