January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    Hi everyone
    I have really enjoyed being involved in jan grocery challenge and it has helped me stay focused on my spending i am declaring £149.87 for this month slightly under budget of £160 i set :D

    was going to be even better but popped adhoc to morrisons today i dont usually shop there and wihtout a list:mad:
    i bought a few bitd n bobs ,a bit coss as didnt really need anything ..O well at least its still an under spend and I'm aiming for better next month . well from tomorrow :)
    see you all on feb grocery challenge :j
    O and i set myself 12 NSD and managed 15 :T
    good luck everyone
    JD x x
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  • IlonaIlona Forumite
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    I had to go to the bank today, but that was a waste of time, 'the computer said no' :rotfl:

    So as not to have a wasted journey I picked up a few cheap but usefull items, from the discount stores. I got four cartons of cranberry juice for £2 from a cash and carry, they are normally about £1 each. A pack of five tooth brushes for £1.:D

    A small metal coal shovel for scooping unmentionables out of the cat litter box, cost £1.49, and a box of Bakers meaty chunks for my doggy friends.

    From Aldidley I got a bag of salad leaves for 49p, six free range eggs for 99p, and a tin or mackeral fillets for 59p, these are to try, and if they are as good as Tes&co's at 70p, I shall be buying them from Aldidley from now on.:D

    Dinner was yet another plate of steamed vegetables with mushrooms. Love my veg.

    I didn't set a target, but I think I have done alright. Let's see what February brings, going to keep up with this as it makes me think more about what I buy and if I need it rather than want it. I am going to start stocking up on things when they are ultra cheap, then I can have a lot of no spend days when I use it up. I need to save money for a holiday in May.
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    Yay, thats me declaring at £230.36:j

    Never really thought I could get it under but I have managed it easily so I am really pleased with myself. Well done to everyone on this thread, :T even if you didn't come in under budget I bet you done a lot better than you would have if you wasn't following this challenge. Right off to catch up with Febs thread xxx
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    Declaring at £113.72 for January, first month of my yearly budget nicely under target. See you on the February thread xx
    Trying to jump back onto the moneysaving wagon .... :cool:
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    I'm pleased to report that I didn't spend anything over the weekend, so declaring at £124.17 for January, see you all on the February thread!
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  • We have some fab results coming in this month :T

    To those who haven't managed - don't be downhearted. I've not managed to come in on budget 4 out of 7 attempts, but you just have to dust yourself down and congratulate yourselves on what you have undoubtedly saved yourselves, compared to had you not been trying. Tomorrow is a new month....onwards and upwards :)

    I didn't spend today, so am declaring a January figure of £242.25 - £7.75 under budget and after reducing it by £25, I'm more than a little happy with that :j

    Gonna keep that as a float that I can pay back, as things always seem to be on offer at the end of the month when money is short which means I sometimes have to miss them.

    OH gave me an extra £10 for the GC that I "pretended" I hadn't got - so that's my Xm*s fund off to a £35 start too :j
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    I've had a bad month - declaring at £428 for January! :( Joined loads of threads to inspire me, then been so bogged down I've not really managed to do owt "right". Going to try much harder this month :)
    A x
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  • Oh my, declaring at a wopping £363.28/£200 I can hardly breathe!! Just worked out the overspend has almost wiped out my £10 a day challenge so what was the point. This month i will do it (to be honest I could probably live off my freezer for the whole month if I pushed myself) so I'll be back.
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    Declaring January total at £321.03 :eek:

    I think some of my non-grocery purchases have also sneaked into January spending. Anyway I will be trying even harder this month, lack of having any conditional spend coupons from M*S, Sa* and T* definitely helps. :o
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  • WOO HOO came in at £376.36 so £1.36 over budget! THANKYOU SOOOOO MUCH for all help and advice posted. This is the lowest we have ever spent on groceries, I know I had bursting cupboards from dec so will see how I get on this month without my cushion of well stocked cupboards. I think feb will be where I really have to try hard. :-)
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