January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • ShysarahShysarah Forumite
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    GC final..

    I spent £43.35 when my budget was £40.00

    Seeing as this was the lowest I have ever aimed for I am really pleased with this.

    Thanks all xx
    GC 2011
    Jan £43.45/£40.00 Feb £55.14/£55.00 Mar £64.88/£120
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  • sorry for not keeping up with posts declaring at £175/ £200 down from ave of £300/month last year. Really chuffed :)
    Jan Grocery Challenge £175/£200 :j
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    mrs-moneypennymrs-moneypenny Forumite
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    blew it at the final weekend and overspent by going to stock up at farmfoods and aldi so declaring £427.43 for january
    but i drew an extra £60 out of the bank so am going to try and spend that less next month to recoup it - if that makes sense

    am going to go for £340 in feburary
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  • Billie-joBillie-jo Forumite
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    Managed to squeeze out one more NSD today making it 21/31 this month. Yippee

    Final total for January 2011 is £177.14 so £22.86 under target :j Am hoping I can come under again in Feb particularly as we seem to have a lot in the freezer still.

    Off to read Febuarys posts now, no doubt will 'see' you all over there.

    Congrats to everyone coming in or under budget and to those who have gone over - well done for trying and good luck for Feb.
    MARCH £62.38/250
  • Declaring £246.79. Slightly under budget :D I have reduced the target for Feb but then I have ordered an online delivery to stock up lol. I think I should not have reduced the budget... Oh well, let's see how I do before looking for excuses! :D Looking forward to end the month with an amazing saving! I was used to spend around £400 so it has been a nice surprise to eat better for less money. I also started the challenge on the 10th so I hope to do better now all my mind is onto it. :)

    See you in the Feb thread! http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3014672
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  • lolly101lolly101 Forumite
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    Hi Everyone,

    Congratulations for everyone who was on/under target. I haven't had chance to post lately although have been saving my receipts, they come to a grand total of £102.32! That makes this month's total.... £241.90/£125 :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
    I think I may have broken a GC record, lol.

    Around £230 of that was spent in Tesco, this is where my problem lies. I adore Tesco as the prices are so cheap, yet when I go I end up spending so much more than I wanted to (can't resist those bargains!).
    This morning for example, I went for sugar free jelly and a kettle - I ended up buying £27 worth of food (not to mention the toys and kitchen gadgets)! Had I gone to the corner shop, I would have spent 95p on jelly and nothing else (I can't bear to buy many things from there as the prices are ridiculous).

    I think I may go back to online shopping to avoid temptation. I will try again next month, with a target of £225. It doesn't seem like I'm trying to cut back much but I've spent the last two weeks on the Atkins diet (which ain't cheap!), so I imagine that I would have spent a lot more had I been on that diet the whole month.
  • DECLARING £133.86 For January £1.14 under budget 11 NSD's for the month. Will see everyone on the Feb thread!!!! Good luck
    SPC Member#1096 Target £150 Feb Count £82.18
    Aug Make£5P.DayChal £0/£155
    My August £100 Grocery Challenge £49.90/£100
  • SpiggleSpiggle Forumite
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    Evening All, :wave:

    I was back in work today and a NSD too. Declaring January total at £160.11 please MrsMcCawber. Very pleased with that as it includes the veggie seeds for the garden this year too. Billie-Jo I'll match your 21 NSD! :rotfl:Well done on the excellent underspend as well! :T

    Superb result too NickJW, congratulations! :T And LTS you're getting closer and closer, brilliant! :T

    Congratulations to everyone for your perseverence. :T Together we'll all get there in the end. ;)

    Take care and see you on the Feb thread,
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
  • piperskypipersky Forumite
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    Declaring £201.61 for January - £1.61 over budget. Not too bad for 2 adults (one with growing bump!) and two littlies :j

    I have spent a bit of Febs budget, but for meals that I have meal planned laready IYSWIM (mostly whoopsied meat that I can freeze :money:)

    See you on February thread :beer:
    Part time GCer, NSDer, Comper and (Bad)Flylady :o
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  • laloopilaloopi Forumite
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    I'm declaring a rather disappointing £280.81. I know it was driven by having friends and family round for dinner and therefore buying/cooking a lot more meat than usual but I probably could have done better. Never mind, will start again tomorrow!
    Must get organised and rejoin grocery challenge!
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