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January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • patentgirlpatentgirl Forumite
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    Happy New year to everyone and good luck with this challenge!
    Having a NSD as been invited out hopefully I will manage quite a few in January
    Manged to get some whoospies yesterday in Mr M which have gone in freezer for later in month when I normally run out of money
    January grocery challenge £150
  • Happy New Year everyone,
    been invited out to dinner today so I don't have to cook.
    Have noticed a few over ripe bananas in the kitchen so hopefully will make some banana muffins tomorrow. Visiting friends tomorrow so if I can organise myself in the morning the muffins should be ready by the time I leave and I know they would appreciate a box of hm muffins.
    Off now to have a look at what I have in the freezer with regard to meal planning.
    It takes a long time to eat an elephant and I'm doing it a bite at a time!!!
  • In my monthly budget what do i include?
    just food or cleaning products toilet rolls etc
  • Morning all

    Just sent DH to Lidl to get DW tabs that are on offer - down from £1.72 to 84p but the bloomin place was shut, Milk bought though so a £2 spend

    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
  • David69 wrote: »
    In my monthly budget what do i include?
    just food or cleaning products toilet rolls etc

    I think that's up to you, so long as you budget for it somewhere. Pesonally I've include everything I would chuck into my trolley when I'm wandering aimlessly round the supermarket, but I'm pretty sure quite a lot of people don't.

    I am new at this, so I'm going to need to change a lot of my habits, including wandering aimlessly round the supermarket.
  • Happy new year
    Well I am off to a good start was going to see how long I could go befor spending any of the GC money and it lasted till 10am when DH went to get petrol and got me some strawberrys and blueberrys. He thought he was doing me a favor as I was out of fruit. Normally I wouldn't have minded but the were 2 for £4:eek: glad he back off shore on wed then I wont have to worry what he's spending.
    Hopr you all have a good day.
    GC £7.79/£225 per month ~ wk1 £ 7.79/ £50
  • empyempy Forumite
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    Happy new year everyone. 2011 is the year I will hopefully get to grips with sticking to a grocery budget amoungst other things............ Could I please be added to the challenge again ( take 3) for:


    this is for a family of 4, I do have a reasonable store cupboard and a relatively well stocked freezer, so it shouldn't be too difficult this month.............

    Good luck everyone.

    empy xx
    OS Grocery Challenge
    August £250/ £103.44 left
  • elly2elly2 Forumite
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    Good morning and happy new year to you all, may i come back (again). Circumstances in my house have changed since we sadly lost my aunt in July (i seem to have taken over her role), my dad has moved back home (he is here for 6 months out of 12) and i now watch my cousins 3 girls for 2 days a week while she is at work (baby all day older 2 after school).
    All routines have flew out the window, my house is a tip so will be joining the flyladies again, shopping budget has been blown apart as has meal planning and the freezer inventory is just too scary to consider doing (but will get it done this weekend :eek:).
    So we are now myself 2 teens 2 little ones 3 cats and 2 dogs then 3 extras for 2 days and my dad every other month (he will be back in feb) oh and my oldest if and when he is here. Iused to do the grocery budget for £80 per month but now have no idea what my spends have been.
    Budget started on Wednesday and so far i have spent £55 which isnt too bad this was mostly on meat for the freezer.
    Will set my weekly budget at £100 for now and see what i can do to bring it down.

  • kipperskippers Forumite
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    David69 wrote: »
    In my monthly budget what do i include?
    just food or cleaning products toilet rolls etc

    Everyone does it differently, you include whatever you want.

    I include food, cleaning stuff and whoopsied food for xmas/birthdays (eg i've bought my xmas pud for xmas 2011 from wilkinsons this week-half price). I also include anything needed for my allotment if i possible can eg blood fish bone, compost for seeds and seeds etc

    You decide and then set yourself a budget....good luck
    :j :j :j :j :j
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    supersally01supersally01 Forumite
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    I am a newbie to the Grocery Challenge, but have been following all of your tips and pledges, and it has inspired me to set a budget of £400, a month, or £100 a week. I have plenty dog food and wine from recent deals, although wish I'd stocked up on products that will see the VAT increase, did not even consider that!!! should have studied this thread earlier!!!
    Gonna keep tabs on what I put in my trolley too Georgie Girl, as that is my biggest downfall also. I am always horrified :eek:by the total and look at my shopping wondering what on earth I brought, and where I went wrong!!!
    My plan is to not take the kids, so I don't get distracted, and tot up the price of each item on my phone, and save the receipts to plan better meals, deals etc for next month.
    I love the meal ideas on the thread, and will deffo be trying some of them.
    Good luck too all, and happy 2011!
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