January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    good luck salski
    I'm in similar boat
    don't get disheartened
    there are some really encouraging comments on the last few pages of this thread = thanks all who have posted
    keep reading them and reminding yourself what a good job you're doing, whether you manage to meet your targets or not
    PS: I'm going to need to break into rainy day funds to pay for house ins (forgot since i moved that the month isn't aug anymore!) & new toilet cistern - disappointing, but that's what our savings are for - so well done to you on having the money put aside!
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    Afternoon all! Got back from Sainsbugs and damage wasn't too bad considering I bought 2 bottles of wine (£8 for the two). So far this month I have spent £194.98 and the balance left for the year is £3744.61 (sig has been updated).

    Although I am now on an annual budget I will post my monthly spends too to see if I am keeping on track. Any underspends at the end of the year will go towards Christmas - though I have re-started my 'ChristmasFund' jam jar and have £13 in there. It all feels much better being in control and with you guys to keep me on the straight and narrow I can't lose - or if I do I have only myself to blame!

    Off to work this afternoon so better get on and sort out food for lunch. We're having cheese toasties and tonight a shepherd's pie from the freezer so I don't have to do too much when I get in.

    cheers everyone

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    I read a few posts where posters get down because they have gone over budget. January is a hard hard month anyway as we all go back to the old routine after a wonderful time over christmas and find ourselves buying things we wouldn't normally buy as a 'treat' to cheer us up....or it could be your first month and it's just that you didn't quite realise how much you spent on your groceries and you set your budget far too low. Please don't get disheartend, just look at ways you can improve or where you went wrong, try and stay positive and try again the next month....pls don't give up, all good things needs working on and you really are in the right place for encouragement.

    Hopefully it will be a NSD for me today, especially as i don't have much left in my budget (£18.66). I do need to buy fruit for my DD's packed lunches before next week, but for the moment my purse is staying firmly shut.

    Tonight is spaghetti in a tomato sauce and whoopsied salad. I have loads of spaghetti to use up, i always use pasta tubes which i prefer but we hardly have any left so spaghetti tonight to start using it up.

    Anyway have a good day all

    Edit: very happy as i complained to Asda as i used their softcheese to make a cheesecake over xmas and it didn't work at all and i ended up throwing it all away...anyway they sent me a card with £4.50 to spend at adsa, so that will help me loads
    :j :j :j :j :j
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    Mothership wrote: »
    I'm really enjoying this GC, and the discipline it brings with it. I was brought up with my grandmother who taught me all the old ways, they seemed to get lost in the madness of modern living. The supermarket have us all brainwashed into thinking we need all this stuff.
    I have vowed NEVER to buy another convenience meal, or anything I wont actually use. I've gone back to making everything from scratch, I was surprised how it all came back to me. I love cooking, but had become lazy, not every day, but enough to waste money.
    The good thing about this thread is it reeducates you. I for one really appreciate all the effort that has gone into the organisation and maintenance of these pages. So a BIG thank you from me.

    I love reading this thread and catching up on everyones posts. it keeps me focused on the job in hand and distracts me a little from a great overwhelming sadness that has engulfed my family, I'm having to be strong for them, and hide my feelings.
    When I'm upset about something I can usually work it out in the garden (but its much too cold to do anything yet).

    I've been making curtains , upholstering etc , for my two youngest daughters freezing flats. I was really pleased when I got the younger ones new sitting room curtains up, the difference in the warmth of the room was really noticeable. Got the other daughters to do this morning, and the linings to make, 2-3 hrs should do that.

    Then I'm going to have a bash at making bread, (by hand) not made bread for 20 years. Looking forward to that.

    Mothership - thanks for your post. My Gran was a great, down-to-earth basic cook, who would have no more bought a ready meal than fly to the moon! Like you most of how she and my Mum did things have been passed on me. Sadly I forgot about them for many years, until I had to do something about our finances, and now I cook the majority of things from scratch. I also try not to "overbuy", and then end up throwing things out. It's all about "old fashioned" management I guess. My Gran lived on a state pension, but ate well and always had home baked goodies in her tins. She never had a debt in her life!
    Look after yourself - sending :grouphug: to you and yours.

    you will always be rich enough to be generous.
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    52p spent on 4 bananas at Mr S today. I don't think I have ever spent so little in a visit to a SM.:eek: I am geting bananas in my veg/fruit box tomorrow but needed some for DS and DH always has one for breakfast.

    I am going to up my budget to £350 this month as I have set it too low. We are not buying alcohol this month due to being on a detox but are spending a lot more on fresh fruit and weatfree bits.
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    sending you virtual hugs its hard being strong and hide your feelings, just make sure you look after yourself as well xx

    I wish I had gone back to basics and cooked from scratch so many years ago, I was taught by my mum to cook from an early age and all from scratch - used to sit and read cookery books and I still do read them even now.
    I vowed never to buy anything ready made or sachets for sauces this year which is why I want a sausage making machine its one of the very few things i buy premade (once I have worked it all out I want to make chorizo and salami which is the other premade things I buy)
    Good luck with the bread.

    cooked a large ham joint last night for dinner tonight, OH took some in sandwiches and the stock will be frozen later when I get home to make soup.

    Thanks for the hugs.

    I had a sausage making attachment for my kenwood chef ( it died years ago). It was GREAT fun making sausages. The best part of it was KNOWING what was in them LOL.
    I have an old mincer I'm going to put to use once I find something to mince. I tried making sausages without the machine, messy business an old fashioned funnel with the skin threaded on the small part, made one at a time LOL. Painfully slow but weirdly satisfying.

    Here's a link from an online butchers I buy from,when I've got a few spare pennies, (usually at xmas, as its quite expensive) I think the link might be for their beef for braising. I got a similar offer recently and was blown away by the quality, it is second to none. I'm getting 3 lots of this for the freezer.
    What I noticed particularly about this suppliers meat was the old fashioned taste, all meat used to taste like this, before they started pumping the animals full of all sorts of antibiotics and stuff.

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    i would just like to say that since ive been doing this GC since last year i have not come in on budget once yet, it just means i try harder the next time but when i do your all going to know about it :rotfl::rotfl:
    I will lose 2 stone by this summer!!!!!!
  • Hi Everyone!!

    Hope you are all well?

    I haven’t posted since I joined the challenge because by the time I have caught up with all the posts on an evening it always seems to be far too late at night!! I’m really inspired by everyone’s experiences and approaches to the challenge. I must admit, my shopping habits have really changed since I joined. For example, I went into home bargains and didn’t buy a thing! (although I did look like a complete mad woman as I kept picking things up, walking down the aisles, asking myself did I need it and then returning the said item to the shelf – did this about six times! :eek:)

    Anyway – since the challenge I have spent £85.36 of my £160 budget and if I am totally honest with myself we are only going to need the usual fruit, veg, milk and bread until the end of the month so I am really determined to come in under budget. I will have to pop to ald! on Saturday to pick up their super six offers before change over day on Sunday but apart from that I am really determined to come in under budget and use up the items I have in the cupboards and freezers (which are heaving!!)

    I have been utilising my slow cooker to batch cook meals that will cover my lunches for a couple of days – last night I made a chicken and vegetable stew and there will be enough for my lunch for 3 days.

    One job I definitely need to do is a bit of an audit of the Freezer – not sure what I have got in there but need to check for menu planning purposes.

    Even the OH is accepting of the challenge – he asked me for a bit of money from the budget to buy some mustard for his sandwiches whilst he is at work – normally he would have just used his card and bought goodness only knows what else – I am impressed with him (for the moment anyway LOL! :T)

    A big thank you to those who help maintain this thread – its is appreciated

    Hope everyone has a super money saving day!! :) :money:
    go to the graze website and enter this code: 4LKM1R3B to get your first graze box free and the second half price!!
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    Just bobbing back to update siggy. Been to Morrissons to fill up on bread and coffee etc. its been 2 weeks and on the surface we are £140 down on our challenge....I know we are not, but Im sacrificing my weekly shopping budget for the benefit of the rest of the bills :)
    Loan finished Sep 2010 - HSBC CC - WAS £750 now £0! Natwest CC - WAS £1600 now £100 - Overdraughts to be worked on! WILL be debt free by mid 2011!!!
    £2000 Saved so far for maternity leave - Our baby girl arrived valentines day! Elsie Ann - WELCOME :heart:
    Sealed pot challenge number 4 - number 1167 - Last day smoking: 8/1/2011
  • Just a quick update to say that today I bought all my baby snacks, wipes etc that are part of my grocery budget with my b00ts advantage points! Yeah So a saving of £15!
    June Grocery Challenge - £???/£230
    Credit card debt - Start - £10,613 Now - £10613
    Personal loan - Start - £10,116 Now - £10116

    DFD - October 2015

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