January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    Hippeechiq - Fruity Chicken Curry is now in the index, thank you ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • Mothership wrote: »

    I'm really enjoying this GC, and the discipline it brings with it. I was brought up with my grandmother who taught me all the old ways, they seemed to get lost in the madness of modern living. The supermarket have us all brainwashed into thinking we need all this stuff.

    This sums up exactly my thoughts! Thank you to everyone for being so friendly and helping me to re educate my ways. It is like suddenly being woken up from a dream.

    Mothership - thinking of you, stay strong.
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    adelight wrote: »

    May I ask what make your coffee maker is? Have been thinking of treating myself to one, so it would be good to have a recommendation.:)

    No probs, ask away! It is a Jura and was soooooooooooo expensive, it is however 10 years old and just like new, I bought it with a small inheritance to give me pleasure & remind me daily of that person. She was a frugal queen funnily enough.
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  • I just also wanted to add my thanks to everyone...you all have such helpful suggestions and the thread has really made me think before I spend anything!! When I was shopping yesterday I was thinking if I bought this then the total would appear on my sig...do I really need it that much?! I dont think I could do what I am trying to do without the support of you guys...so thank you! Anyway, today should hopefully be an NSD, although the car needs petrol, but we dont actually use the car all that much so im hoping we can put that off until im having a spend day anyway, but DH has taken the car this morning and he might fill it up...! Im actually quite shocked at the price of petrol at the moment..its almost £1.30 per litre here. If it goes up much more we might seriously have to consider weather we could manage without a car!
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    minnie2 wrote: »
    dont be so hard on yourself!! your doing all the right things!! and we all slip up!!!! sounds like you have a good plan!!! i wish i was any good at planning but i havent even bothered yet!! its a job i keep putting off - so you are doing better than me!!! chin up and theres anotehr 11 months of this year to make up for it!!!

    Thanks hun:), i know we are definately doing better than a few years ago. We are spending less on average each month than we did before we had kids. Had a chat with OH last night and thankfully got him back onboard with meal planning so i'm gonna crack on with listing my food and meals today. I'm gonna put it up in the kitchen so i can tick meals off as we have them.
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    Thanks to everyone for the lovely suggestions. I'm not going to risk using rice wine because I don't know if it will taste the same. In any case I would be buying chorizo when it's not really needed!

    My flatmate has decided to use the rest of the spinach (wilted with garlic oil) to go with the rest of the fish pie, instead of buying extra veg so I can't use that anymore :( At least I'm 'training' him to my of thinking that throwing away money is throwing away money!!!

    I have dahl in my mind now though so I'll buy some spinach next week to do a nice cheap veggie meal :D

    As for the celery - that will be giving in the curry you suggested a go Hippiechiq! Thanks for that. That's a shame about the MS Office...

    I'll probably do a stew as well to use some of the rest of the celery. Any leftover (when it starts to go on the turn), will be chopped up and put in the freezer for future use.

    I'm feeling like a NSD today - no dinner to cook tonight, and lunch in the fridge for work (salad) ready to eat. :)
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  • NSD today :j
    Time to get the car out...back to work today, i'm taking my lunch with me as always, ham, cheese and tom sandwich with mayo and mustard and a cup a soup ( 2 4 £1) the soup is to stop me eating chips at work :o

    meal plan for the rest of the week

    2nite ~ tin of soup :mad: (haven't made my own YET! next weeks job) Kids at Grandmas

    FRI ~ fish and chips and mushy peas (free ;)) (kids at dads :()

    SAT ~ Sainsbugs 'take away' (kids at dads :()

    SUN ~ chicken pie/chicken, veg and spuds

    Enjoy your day :D

    Spike x
  • I spent £4.42 in LIDi this morning on tomatoes, cucumber, butter, bread & bread rolls. I'm loving this challenge, it's making me think twice before I buy anything :)
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    I previously posted that I had done my budget and posted it for this month and for the last 4 months or so we have worked and stuck to a budget. Well this month it has not worked. I have gone over and I dont know where or how?! We have been doing so well - but with what is left to pay out (fuel budget, food budget and 1 bill to my mum) We dont have enough left?! We are about £100 down.
    I was going to recall some savings to cover this, but today have decided to reduce the food and fuel budget to cover and will have to work harder to make what we have stretch! Im pee'd off as we have never gone over before!
    Hey ho - wish us luck lol x
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    NJW i often put celery into soups/stews
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