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"Only seven train providers have, or will soon have, WiFi on board services, with just three giving free access ..."



  • Small correction: Virgin Trains currently have free Wifi on Standard until February next year:
  • Snakeeyes21
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    So should everybody elses ticket price go up to ensure the minority can have free internet access on trains?

    Thats not very moneysaving MSE guy
  • Simon11
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    The Wrexham & Shropshire, Grand Central and Heathrow Express lines currently give passengers travelling in standard class the option of unlimited internet at no cost (see the Cheap Train Tickets guide).
    This means not only will passengers have speedier access but they can avoid the sometimes costly data charges levied by mobile providers (see the Free Wireless Internet guide).

    I'm sorry but what do you mean in "speedier access" to what? If trains companys offer free WIFI, then this results in SLOWER internet access, as more people use the internet. I fail to see the benefit of someone who decides to watch a BBC Online program for free while on the train apart from slowing down the internet for passengers who wish to do work and are willing to pay for this extra.

    Customers should pay for the privlege to use the Wifi, and its in their own interest to pay extra. This means the customers who don't use wifi don't have to pay for their share of the wifi and quicker internet because of less users.
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  • Degenerate
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    All of the pay service prices quoted in the article are appallingly bad value when compared to a pay as you go 3G dongle.
  • jblack_2
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    TheTallOne wrote: »
    Small correction: Virgin Trains currently have free Wifi on Standard until February next year:

    Another small correction: The Wifi on Virgin Voyagers is only free in First Class and one carriage of Standard Class.
  • It's simple. Don't pay. On Virgin Trains know your trains.
    There are 2 configurations of Super Voyager. 1 of these configurations on each has a changable first class carriage which switches from 1st to standard. When it's in standard mode, you can still pick up the first class wi-fi for free as it's in this carriage.
    Alternatively board through the first class doors and activate the wi-fi connection while stood in the doorway. Once connected move, and sit in the closest seat to the first class end in standard and the first class connection is sometimes held (I've found this a bit random on different trains).
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  • jetcat
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    I travel down to London on Grand Central, and while it is a great service, I do think the free Wifi is a bit misleading.

    My daughter was so excited at the thought of using her laptop on the train, only to be told that the free wifi was only in coach B. This wasnt told to us when booking, so i had a very disappointed daughter on my hands.

    Mind, this was a few month back, so not sure if it is still the same!
  • Bit of a non story really isnt it.. As surely the thing that will determine who you travel with is if they go to and from where you want to go.
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  • nisnooz
    nisnooz Posts: 19 Forumite
    hi there, anybody knows what the status is on the trains from London to Southampton?

  • wealdroam
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    nisnooz wrote: »
    hi there, anybody knows what the status is on the trains from London to Southampton?

    Wifi, either free or paid for, is not offered on that route.
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