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Light starter for Christmas Day lunch?



  • Kavajo
    Kavajo Posts: 120 Forumite
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    We're having foie gras with some lightly toasted brioche and a Jurançon moelleux. Mmm, my favourite starter. It's very special and is simple to prepare without taking up cooker space. If you think it's too rich, then my second choice would be prawn cocktail, as others have suggested, served with champagne of course.
  • ali-t
    ali-t Posts: 3,815 Forumite
    What about bacon and/or blackpudding sald which is lovely and meaty but light with the salad leaves. Another option that is lovely is mini oatcakes topped with stovies. It isn't very light but people only have one or two and there is no oven space required.
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  • A blast from the past - from the 70s - is baked grapefruit. Cover grapefruit halves with brown sugar and pop in the oven for a while!
  • valk_scot
    valk_scot Posts: 5,290 Forumite
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    I do a mixed seafood/fish platter too. Big meaty prawns, smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, mussels etc, served with a bowl of green salad, some seafood sauce, mayo and thin cut brown bread. You only need a little of each so use side plates for eating it, not big dinner plates!
  • ubamother
    ubamother Posts: 1,190 Forumite
    if you want really light with not a lot of carb, I've done mushroom pate before - a small amount of the mixture served on/in a little gem lettuce leaf. This general idea could extend to greek salad, dressed prawns etc.
  • Pee
    Pee Posts: 3,826 Forumite
    Lots of good suggestions, but I wonder how many people who don't eat smoked salmon eat prawns? And mushrooms are another one lots of people don't like. My vore would be for avocado with prawns, though. Delicious.
  • I love these as a canape- great to have before dinner and less dishes to wash!!
    Stilton and fig pillows/stilton and cranberry pillows
    I do both but its up to you. Very easy
    unsalted butter(for brushing)
    filo pastry
    cranberry jelly
    dried figs

    sorry I can't be more specific as I just do it as I go along!
    1. preheat over to 200 degreesC/400F/Gas 6
    2. melt butter for brushing
    3.Cut each filo square into 8 long slices.( Remember to keep it damp by keeping under a damp cloth till you need each slice)
    4. cut stilton into small cubes and finely slice the figs. (Stilton will crumble but it doesn't matter!)
    5.brush filo strip with butter, place cheese with fig or cranberry on top. Roll up. Then take another strip and and cover the open sides, forming a pillow shape. Make sure you don't have gaps.
    6.Place of greaseproof paper lined baking tray. Brush all with butter. Season with black pepper.
    You can keep this in fridge for up to 3 days. You can also freeze and stick right into the oven, giving it a few extra minutes. From fridge it is about 10 minutes but keep an eye out. they may be ready 2 minutes either side.
    They are very moreish! I think I make enough for 3 each. ( more and you don't have a light starter:rotfl:)
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  • floss2
    floss2 Posts: 8,030 Forumite
    On Christmas Day we're having chicken liver parfait, it's a light pate (Gary Rhodes recipe).

    On 18th December, for Christmas meal with my kids, we're having a tea-cup of butternut squash soup - just enough to tickle the taste buds, but not enough to fill everyone up ;)
  • I like pronging a mixture of things with a cocktail stick. Easy to do, pretty when you've done it, and people quite like helping to make them beforehand. Choose from a stoned olive, a grape, tiny roll of parma ham, small cube of cheese, slice of raw mushroom, part of a stoned date, half a cherry tomato, piece of stoned prune, small chunk of melon, piece of dried tomato, a shrimp, anything you can think of, really. Three or four items per stick, but the bottom one must be a firm one. Plenty of choice for people who dislike certain things.
  • minimooch
    minimooch Posts: 178 Forumite
    i dont really like smoked salmon, but i do love smoked salmon pate for xmas starter. Simply whizz up the cheapest SS trimmings in the food processor with cream cheese, a squeeze of lemon and pepper. Add a glug of scotch if there are no kids involved. Serve with melba toast or pitta bread fingers
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