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  • I account for all Standing Orders and Direct Debits so a no spend day for me is one where I physically do not spend any cash, use my debit ot credit card or take any money out of the cashpoint.
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    I only spend money on fridays and saturdays usually. Apart form bills which all come out on the 1st.
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    Hi all,

    I count a NSD (no spend day) when I don't spend any money as I consider all my budgeted bills money and savings as "spent" on pay day. I don't have enough of these unfortunately...
    Also, the what have you spent threads are good for those of us who keep a spending diary as it acts as a "confessional".
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  • A no spend day for me is not spending anything apart from the dd and so already calculated for. This means no online buying or telephone buying though even if you stay in all day. You could start with one no spend day a month if you find it difficult and then generally shorten the time until you can manage about 2 no spend days per week. Im a firm believer in no spend days-they have always helped me to budget. You could always fit them around your dds and sos if you realy want to be fussy.
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  • Interesting thread - another example of how wrong it is to make assumptions as I had assumed that we all understood the "no spend day" to mean the same. How wrong I was.
    My view is that the NSD is supposed to be motivational and help with curbing discretionary spending so I don't include DDs or payments to credit cards as these are budgeted and in some cases are overpayments so "a good thing".
    So my definition of a NSD is no cash spent, nothing bought with a debit or credit card, nothing ordered online. Had a great week last week with 5 out of 7 NSDs but would prefer to draw a veil over this week (2 birthday presents, lottery syndicate at work, friends over last Sat, family round for Sunday lunch = v. expensive week though everything is budgeted for and nothing was added to my debts; it's just that I have got used to having spends money left over at the end of the week and don't like the fact that have less than £1 in my purse until Sat when I next go to the cash machine for the weekly cash allowance.)
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    My NSD is not buying anything, but DDs, and overpaying debts I dont think count.

    i usually manage about 4 a week.
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    I was going to have a no spend day but have just pre ordered some books from Amazon as Christmas presents. EEk:eek:

    I did get a couple of them cheaper on marketplace or on deals though.
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    I consider a NSD a day where I don't spend anything unbudgeted for - so not including DD's or 'necessary' food etc.

    Today hasn't been a NSD. Unexpected medicines for OH. Not a naughty day though, I haven't yet gone to the vending machine :D. I usually make 3 solid NSD's a week, sometimes 4. Once 7 ;)
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    As many of you have just mentioned I just count incidental spending as a spend, not budgeted stuff. For instance, I spent £10 on petrol this morning but as I budget £50 a month on petrol and I'm still within it (by £3.15) :rolleyes: , it doesn't count. Hopefully that's my last top-up of the month. If I need to go over the £50 I would count it as a spend though.
  • My NSDs are when I don't buy anything. I don't cound DDs and SOs as these are budgeted for and money has already been set aside.
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