No spend days.

Hi all,

I've read a few of you guys talking about No Spend Days (is that right?).

Does that mean a day when you spend no money at all, as in no spending money and no bills are paid on that day? Or does it just mean you don't use any spending money?

Just wondering. Thanks!
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  • I have quite a lot of days where no money comes out of my account at all, no bills no cash, nothing and i don't use any cash thats lying around the house either.

    All my bills come out on the day that my husband gets paid, i pay the childminder on a friday each week anfd I do my shopping every sunday for the following week. I take a packed lunch to work ( i only work 3 days a week) mys sons school meals are paid for a term at a time, and make sure i am not idly spending money or wasting it by buyin what i don't need.

    I have lists of what is in my cupboards and frezzer and make a list to take with me to do the shopping and I stick to it.

    Since satrting on my dmp i have dramaticaly nreduced the amount of spending days, as I was spending for the sake of it. I was spending it cos it was there.

    I have roughly 4-5 no spend days a week but when pay day comes round there is only 2/3 no spend days.
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  • I have loads of no spend days.. basically where I get through the day without spending anything at all! Dh on the other hand.. *sigh*
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  • lilac_lady
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    i think a no spend day is a day when you don't hand over any cash or use use debit or credit card. My successful ones are when I don't go out!
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  • a no spend day is a day when you dont spend anything that isnt budgeted for... ie if you pay a bill (budgeted) and then spend nothing thats a non spend day :) moozie is the girl you need ;)
  • I count a no spemd day as a day where i don't spend any "pocket money" so days where my direct debits come out but i take my own lunch to work and don't spend any cash or sneak anything onto my debit card that wasn't budgeted for is still a no spend day. :)
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  • I count a know spend day as nothing leaving my pocket or account! :)
  • I count a know spend day as nothing leaving my pocket or account! :)

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  • Mrs_Sparkle
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    I don't have enough no spend days!
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    So true.... :p :rotfl:

    I think it's fair to say everyone has their own definition! My non spenders are days where I don't use any cash or cards. Any DDs or SOs are budgeted for so I don't count them.

    Hope you find a definition that suits you and join the challenge ;)
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  • pollyanna24
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    I give myself and bf "pin" money of £400 each a month. A no spend day is when I don't spend any of that out of my own account.

    All bills and dd and such like come out of joint account, so they don't even concern me when it comes to "my" money!
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