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  • blizeH
    blizeH Posts: 1,366 Forumite
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    Pretty disappointed with Quidco - I bookmark the site every time I buy something through it (otherwise I have absolutely no chance of remembering what I've done, ie £55 cashback from Santander last week) but the activity shown on their website is incredibly limited.

    You can email through a transaction list, but I've tried numerous times over the past week and it hasn't worked at all, and there's no way of contacting them.

    They used to be such a fantastic company - easy to contact, showed all of the information you could ever need in a clear manner etc, but now it's all a bit of a shambles

    Why limit the transactions we can see? Why send the account history through by email(which doesn't even work)? Why is there no easy way of contacting them?

    I've always stuck by Quidco but will be switching to TopCashback I think....
  • RobotBlue
    I would love to see a section in this article (or separate article) dealing specifically with cashback sites where the proceeds go to a nominated charity.

    As an example, I use TCB so receive nothing for Amazon but tend to use Everyclick to get 1-1.5% to my chosen charity (someone may as well benefit). I know that there are others around but I would like to know which give the best rates, which can be gift aided and generally which give the greatest proceeds to the charity, all things considered. I'd like to know when the charities receive their money and if there are any payment thresholds etc.

  • louise1993_2
    I've recently signed up to TopCashback and the free version of Quidco and found them alright so far, if not a long wait for some of my transactions.

    However, i also signed up to imutual at the recommendation of a friend, and they were a lot quicker at sorting out my tracking problem than the other two as I could email the relevant through the forum straight away! not bad going seeing as I couldn't find the equivilent for ages in other places.... :)

    and although cashback isn't guaranteed, i've seen on some of imutual's forums that they pay out cashback anyway sometimes even if it is declined as the members vote on it .

    Think sometimes the smaller websites can be better! :beer:
  • pocketslint
    I have used TCB and never had any problems. However, I recently used Quidco to obtain BB from O2. Even though the deal was done over the phone we were advised by both Quidco and O2 that this would still track with this particular deal. The O2 Rep did his bit and took all the appropriate info and O2's side of things went swimmingly. However, Quidco initially put us off with tracking times, which increased almost as a matter of course until 90 Days came and went. Quidco then put a disclaimer on their own site saying that they no longer dealed with O2/Cashback. These sites are riddled with the same complaint over this particular issue. I have repeatedly tried to raise a Quidco Rep to assist with this issue but despite them posting on site, they are ignoring me. It seems Quidco will do and say or promise anything to get your business. But once they have it.......You have been warned!
  • Former_MSE_Marcel
    Hi everyone

    A colleague here at MSE has heard increasingly more about poor payout performance at Quidco. I'd like to know what your experiences have been with Quidco during the past year. If you've had problems with transactions not tracking, reasons you've been given, or you've had to wait far too long, please let us know, many thanks...
  • barnabee
    barnabee Posts: 1,210 Forumite
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    Hi MSE Marcel.

    It's not just problems at Quidco.

    TopCashBack have some of their members fuming at late payments, no payments, payments declined as another network has been paid for them, members not downgraded to classic membership after the free 3 month trial, members having to contact the Financial Ombudsmen, being fobbed off with standard replies etc.

    I know Martin has sold out to fund his retirement but I always thought setting up a pure MSE cashback site would attract a huge following.

    One day I hope all cashback sites and their affiliate networks will be properly and legally regulated. Until then it's the old adage of 'cashback is not a guarantee' - however the money must be going somewhere!
  • Alt
    Alt Posts: 353 Forumite
    Yes, i have also noticed that recently the majority of my purchases on Quidco do not track even on a fresh installed browser and have had a couple of denied claims over the last 3 months compared to only one for the previous 5 years :mad:

  • whitesatin
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    I have used TCB a few times in the past couple of months, as a new user. Anyway, although it is showing that I have over £20 accrued, only the £5 from Amazon get reading has shown any sign of movement but still not actually payable yet. To be honest, if I don't get any money into my bank account soon, I will just cut my losses and stop using it altogether. Life's too short.
  • fordfocus-chav-car
    I have been waiting 14 weeks for my pay out from Topcashback. Its from a home insurance from Policy Expert.
    I have even had a email from Policy expert confirming they have paid Topcashback last month.
  • bungyboo
    bungyboo Posts: 30 Forumite
    I just stumbled across the cashback maximiser tool. What a great feature - seems to be hidden away!

    The sites included: CashbackNetwork, FreeFivers, GiveorTake, Mutual Points, Quidco, Topcashback

    I'm aware of the last two. Anyone used the others - any good? is Mutual Points similar to I remember joining them years ago, made a few quid from their shares as I recall :)
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