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Top Cashback Sites Article Discussion



  • scarhead
    Just closed TCB account after testing it more than a month with small purchases, bad experience as "0" earnings displayed. It has nothing to do with "cookie" flushing as all done correctly. I strongly recommend to anyone interested in cb sites to go with Quidco, so far very pleased. The only thing I wished Quidco should have on the site is the user reviews of all offers. Quidco holds £5 of your cb towards running the site but they do run it. Tracks everything super fast. I also registered one of my credit card with them, went to cinema, bought tickets, went upstairs and bought popcorn+drink. The next day I see cb from Quidco via ccard, listed the tickets and popcorn+drinks separately. Brilliant.
  • cd1951
    cd1951 Posts: 23 Forumite

    Other people besides myself must have noticed that it is taking longer to get cashback for purchases thn it used to do??

    I know that casback sites have various methods of receiving cashback and that the larger one's are either receiving 'retainers' from companies or are in fact 'brokers', in additional to 'internet transactions'.

    The time it takes to receive the cashback has gone from 3 to 6 or more months on most products (in some cases-to 'weed out' the 'quick buck' users), but cash purchases of goods are having to wait 6+ months, which I do not think is right.

    I bought an electrical item from Currys through Topcashback and they payment is not due for 8 months, even though I paid fully with a debit card!! I am sure that Topcashback are not waiting all this time for the money to come through??

    I bought an insurance policy through Zatzat, paying in full with a debit card and it has a 7 months wait for payment of cashback!!

    Two months ago I had an experience with AA 50+ life insurance and Topcashback. Two days before the £80.80 was due to be paid out, the 'offer' was withdrawn by Topcashback. I queried this and was told my Topcashback that it would take a couple of months to investigate - this I was not prepared to accept, as I felt they/someone were trying a 'con'!! Fortunately, i had my car insured with AA and I did have the email address for the Chief Executive of the AA. An email to him and within 5 days, i had £160 credited to my bank account by Topcashback!!

    The AA CEO., said that the offer had not been withdrawn, but an error had been made by Topcashback!! Needless to say Topcashback did not pay the 'Top Up' of 80p!!

    I think that Cashback sites should be regulated (bearing in mod what I have written above), especially where they receive monies direct from the retailers.

    Incidently, I have also had similar experience to the AA by LV., this is still being disputed, as offer withdrawn shortly before payout-yet the offer is still being shown as valid & running!!

    Insurance brokers do not wait 6+ months to receive their commissions from the insurance companies-if they did, they would be out of business!!

    Do other people agree with what I have written??
  • mcduff16
    mcduff16 Posts: 498 Forumite
    I`m with TopCashBack and ive been waiting since April 2011 for 3 payments for a grand total of over £110. Total mess, very slow and i think i might go back to Quidco
  • Mrs_Optimist
    Mrs_Optimist Posts: 1,107 Forumite
    I am still waiting for a payment of £180 from Februuary this year (a Holiday) and £10 from Feb 2010! All other earnings have tracked and been paid by Topcashback pretty quickly. I keep sending nudges but the status always states "waiting for Retailer". Am pretty annoyed as that money would come in handy for Christmas, at this rate it will be Christmas 2012.
  • dot_richie77
    I just started with Quidco and got £1.50 for signing up to a free trial for 30 days and it comes with free anti-virus software.

    I can't post the link apparently because i'm new but the company is called Inbay.

    Alright for nothing! :)
  • CassarJ
    CassarJ Posts: 16 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Home Insurance premium £51 more (than direct) with £50 cashback (quidco)

    So whats the point?

    Are all deals this pointless?
  • Kangols
    Kangols Posts: 2 Newbie
    edited 6 January 2012 at 3:31PM
    Its no good for me cos I'm already a member, but NoBrainers offer £1.50 signup bonus when you join Quidco through the link on their site. Seems like an easy win for a new member and better than nothing! Update- NoBrainers are doing £5.00 signup offer now as well too! I've taken advantage of this one!
  • slenderkitten
    i am thinking of using quidco as its linked in with NUS, if i sign up, how does this admin fee work, will i get charged the £5 if i make any purchases or not?
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  • JDPower
    JDPower Posts: 1,673 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    i am thinking of using quidco as its linked in with NUS, if i sign up, how does this admin fee work, will i get charged the £5 if i make any purchases or not?
    As far as I'm aware they take the first £5 of your cashback so unless your gonna be making significantly more that that it's a waste of time. Better off with TopCashback - no fee and they pricematch any cashback rates that Quidco offers.
  • bristolleedsfan
    bristolleedsfan Posts: 12,128 Forumite
    First Post Name Dropper First Anniversary Photogenic
    edited 30 May 2012 at 6:27PM
    I am very suprised that GPB dont feature in MSE Maximiser tool being both as that cashback site has been in operation longer than some that are and pay higher rates of cashback much more often than some that are. –

    Total Amount Paid by GPB £2700.04 :T

    Where is that confused smile when it is needed most :rotfl:

    Big thanks to Getpoundsback for both offering, paying highest rate for Forex and paying it within 6 weeks as opposed to waiting for a set in stone 3 or more month(s) award date like one site listed below does. :T

    21-04-2012 UK Forex 25.00 31.50 Assigned

    Cashback Maximiser – Forex

    Best Paying Site

    http://www.getpoundsback.co.uk/stores.php?search=1&keyword=forex&keyword_type=1&x=23&y=10 31.50

    How Others Compare

    http://www.imutual.co.uk/search?q=forex&x=8&y=12 30.00

    Quidco - No Results

    TCB - No Results

    Why have I-Mutual ( In operation less than two years) started showing up in the results when they are neither listed as being included nore do they pay the most cashback more often than a site like Getpoundsback who have also been in operation for a lot longer?


    Also I-Mutual are the only cashback site who make its customers wait until a stated award date which can be 3 or more months before the cashback is payable, Quidco, TCB, Getpoundsback all make cashback payable as soon as it receives payment from the network which in the example above was 5ish weeks.

    I-Mutual members have expressed opinions about the site needing higher cashback :T


    Edited to add : Good news for I-Mutual Cashback users :beer:

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