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I don't know if i've posted this in the right place.
I am having trouble getting paid with Opinion World. I had my 1st £10 in July, paid into my PayPal account. I've got another £10 this month and when I try to claim it I keep getting an error message.
I emailed them asking for help. They said they have changed their policies and now only accept verified Paypal accounts. I felt sure my account was verified so I double checked and yes, my Paypal account is.
I emailed them back telling them this but haven't heard anything from them since.
Has anyone else had trouble like this? What did you do?
Also, I had received other payments into my Paypal account from other survey sites.


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    Hi Ninkynonk,

    I am in exactly the same boat as you, payment out has been rejected and i have had the same e-mail then no response, im not sre whats going on and cant be of much assistance in how to resolve it as im still figureing that out myself.

    Just thought i wold let you know its not only you in this situation if thats of any comfort.

    I will keep you updated if anything happens.
    £8,452.67 / £11,000.00 Challenge :j
  • Thanks! Maybe they've changed their system and haven't done it correctly to recognise verified accounts. Glad to know I'm not alone. Will update if I hear anything.
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    I am just under the amount I need before I can ask them for money. Since I reached that point I've had 3 paying surveys, each time I began one, I got told my password had been disqualified. I've been a member for ages. I have emailed them, they say they've resent the surveys. They haven't.
    I'll probably unsubscribe.
  • Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble clemmatis. Maybe they're having glitches in their system.
    I got a reply and was told to log out and close my browser, then to open a new tab and log in again. I had already tried that but I gave it another go and still the same error message.
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    Thank you, ninkynonk. It probably is just a glitch but it's interesting that it happened on paid surveys only. I can do the 'prize draw' ones without any problems cropping up at all.
  • Guys

    Ive just cashed out everything went through smoothly and i have the confirmation e-mail saying the funds have reached paypal !!

    So hurry and get your money before anymore error messages arise

    Hope this helps

    £8,452.67 / £11,000.00 Challenge :j
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    I once had a cheque from them but it wasnt easy i had to chase it.
  • I've manage to get paid into Paypal. No probs whatsoever. I think it was a computer glitch. Didn't get confirmation email tho.
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    I finally reached the limit for a payout and got paid very easily and quickly into Paypal, it's impressive. My being told I was disqualified remains a mystery.

    They're still though the worst site for earning money for me, the 10 I just got was my first ever payout in years of membership!
  • Is anyone with them?

    I did a survey work £20 (2000 points) and the points havent gone onto my account, I got an email saying they were looking into it but they havent responded.

    Does anyone have a phone number for them?
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