October 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • Re the budget, you just need to make sure that everything is allowed for somewhere.
    It doesn't much matter what you call it, but it does matter that you know you have to pay for it. So keeping some kind of record of absolutely everything is a good starting point, then at least you know what (if anything) you have to play with.
    And with any luck, by keeping track, you end up with a little bit more to play with:)

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    Have just managed to read through yesterday and today's threads (sorry I couldn't manage to get any further back than that.) really good to see how well everyone is doing. It is really inspiring. Spent £18.21 today so only have £32.66 left. Am a little worried but the freezer is full and I need to start cooking some of the food in it!!! Have also filled it with bread as realised that am massively overdrawn with the gas and electric company so bread maker (3 hours of electricity) has been ditched in favour or whoopsied bread (15p for a loaf). I will of course go back to it as we all love the bread it makes but I need to cut back where I can!!! Have a great weekend everyone. x
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    I am very pleased with this weeks spending I bought my eggs and half a cucumber which was all I needed, and have only spent £1.34 in the past 6 days Have a little shopping to do in the morning but will not need to use it all.
    Just remembered that I have to buy a small scrubbing brushI have a wilkinsons bath mat that keeps getting black marks on it I don't know where from but I thought if I buy a stiff scrubbing brush for 54p its cheaper than buying a new bathmat for the bath at £3.00.On the list for tomorrow
  • Had a good look in the cupboards and freezer and pantry and although i will need to buy some groceries still, i thought i would make a 30 day meal plan using up ingredients i mostly already have in...and then i'll choose one of the main meals to cook/make/bake each day. This is a veggie meal plan because i don't buy meat/poultry very often. Maybe it might help someone else too though so for that reason i'm sharing it. Click HERE to view it.
    Grocery Challenge for October: £135/£200

    NSD Challenge: October 0/14
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    I thought I had it all worked out, how often and when £idls had special weekend offers on what meat...tomorrow (according to my notes) I thought (and hoped) that Chicken Thighs were going to be their weekend offer - instead it's 500g LEAN STEAK MINCE for £1.19, which I neither want nor need.

    It's the first time I've been wrong - Gutted :(

    Well done katholicos - it looks fab and you have some lovely sounding meals there :)
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    Thats a really good idea re piggy bank a/cs - this may be a daft question but are they actual banks that you put cash in or do you save on a card or something? I save every week on an Asda card for Christmas, and on a PO budget card for car tax. We seem to have loads of birthdays all between Aug and November and it would be good to have a plan for next year! ;)
    re my budget - I was really helped this month by having Te$co vchrs for £10 off wys £30. I did a list from My supermkt before I wnet shoppingso I knew roughly what the prices were and tried v hard not to deviate from it! :rotfl:

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    Spent another $27.51 between SM's and market in town.
    £150/ £159.16
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    Thanks, LannyLee, your spiced apple chutney recipe is now added to my temporary recipe list ;)

    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • Hi all, I am struggling here, I am trying to make sure I find time to come on here and read the thread as It does inspire me and help me stop spiralling out of control with my food buying! I just faced adding up sept receipts and I am so annoyed with myself, I know after hardly working during summer hols when I finally got soem money in sept I went way overboard! The positive is we are still eating the stuff I bought.
    So this month I am planning,baking and back to using my leftovers :-)
    made more spiced apple chutney to use up last of our cooking apples and my toms,had already frozen chillis I grew so used couple them too.
    Parsnips in LIdl were only 39p a bag so made curried parsnip soup yesterday too and parboiled 3 parsnips and chucked in freezer for a future roast dinner.
    Made choc chip (well choc I bought reduced cut into pieces) cookies and twinks yesterday, am going to make slimming world choc chip cookies today as otherwise my weightloss will be an increase! I do want to use some of the baking ingredients I have but dont want to be tempted to scoff any goodies !
    I have a couple leeks in fridge so may chuck some soup in s/c today and add some pulses into it tomorrow once I have soaked them.

    Kids an hubby all busy with football and friends today so I am listing toys/games on ebay to prevent me from going shopping !!!
    Good luck to all
    Life happens when you are busy making other plans ;)

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    Morning All:wave:

    More spending to add to the total which means I am now over budget. :o £10.26 in Mr T on wine and the 3 for 1 sauces (I actually got charged less than the price of 1 so more £ saved), £4.19 on bottle teats, £16.30 on a takeaway as DH lost another 2lbs at W/Watchers, £20.98 on filters for the extractor fan and a feather duster and £20.01 on diesel. Oops nearly forgot, lunch with Mum £5.90.

    Total spent this week £77.64 which takes me to £302.89 against a budget of £240:eek: and 10 days left. As mentioned previously I think my budget is unrealistic rather than my spending out of control. I will have a much better idea for the budget figure next month.

    I will be visiting the farmers market today if the weather improves and will also need to go to Mr M for fruit, bread, sweet and sour sauce, prawn crackers, SR flour milk and malt vinegar. We are having a ‘theme’ night each Saturday while watching X factor and tonight’s is Chinese. Last week it was Mexican. So far we have plans for Greek, Italian, American, Indian and Spanish nights but need more ideas. I cannot think what to cook for a French night; it doesn’t help that I am veggie and that DH is not and he likes very hot and spicy and I am a wimp.:p

    Will also need to visit C0stco at some point as they have 2 GIGA boxes of nappies with £14 off so I will stock up as DS is just about to move up to a size 4.

    LannyLee I will be making your chutney recipe this weekend as I have all the ingredients in, except the vinegar, and a glut of onions as I get them in my veg box every week. I am a bit short on cooking apples but will stick in a couple of granny smiths that are past their best and hope it turns out ok. Thanks for the recipe.:T
    A bit off topic but I am getting a new kitchen in 2 weeks’ time! :D:jYou would think I had won the lottery I am that excited, probably because I spend so long in there and the existing one is the original one the builders put in when the house was built 15 years ago.
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