Noisy neighbour - What can I do?

in N. Ireland
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  • Time for an update..

    I received a letter of apology from dear neighbour after telling his Mum what he was up to! Letter seemed genuine and sincere so here's hoping.

    I didn't contact Environmental Health again, no point.
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    FurryPaws wrote: »
    Hey there,

    Wondering if someone can offer their advice on an increasingly common problem in this day and age..

    I moved into my first home afew months ago. I thought this was excellent in the current climate.. but unfortunately I am now living next to a neighbour from hell.

    The lady who lived next door moved out with all her kids to her boyfriends house and left behind her eldest teenage son. I'm fairly sure it's a housing exec house..

    This guy is playing his music very loud for last couple of months now and it's driving me nuts. Last night he was at it again and then left to go out shortly after 10.. when he got back after 1am with his friends in tow he thought it would be funny to play football in his livingroom.. waking me up with the ball bouncing off the walls.

    I have tried calling round to speak to him but no answer. Afew weeks ago I left a note through his door asking if he realised how loud his music was and that it is disturbing his neighbours... it stopped for acouple of nights but then it started again.

    As I'm new to the area I don't want to make a fuss... but at the same time I can't live like this praying for peace and quiet...

    This morning I called environmental health and they will issue an informal letter to the address and say there has been complaints. But do you think I have shot myself in the foot? I don't want to make things worse but the guy clearly doesn't care.

    You did the right thing...the EH are the best and quickest way of dealing with the problem..Nip it in the bud.
    As it is going on now so shall it go on in the future if not nipped now.Had a lot of this problem when i lived in a high rise block of flats.Th EH will actually deal with the problem better than the police or NIHE.The NIHE takes wayyyyyyyyyyy too long if ever it does get dealt with by them and the Police cant do anything except come out to tell the person at the time to turn the noise down.
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    cepheus wrote: »
    Sorru about that Furrypaws, I find this rule seriously annoying.

    Wouldn't it be a good idea for designated districts to be classed as low noise zones, where people are committed perhaps legally to conforming with much lower noise emissions? All the noisy people who enjoy loud music, exhausts rattling, barking dogs, shouting and screaming etc can then move somewhere else.

    It would encourage us to live in less extravagant surroundings lowering energy use and avoid the escalation in detached house prices. Personally I am looking to buy a detached house if prices fall significantly even though I have enough room were I am.

    I would like to do the same... I would hate to have noisy neighbours. :eek:

    p.s. love your zoning idea. :T
    FurryPaws wrote: »
    Cepheus - if only! That sounds like a dream.. :) I'm only *ahem* mid 20's.. ok well maybe late 20's, but I'm not a massive party lover, far prefer family gatherings and couple of drinks in a quiet pub where I can hear myself talk and not lose my voice shouting!

    I'm the same. :D I like a good party/session sometimes, but I also love a good night's craic in a pub. Unfortunately, in Belfast, you can hardly find the place to do the latter at weekends. :(
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    Glad to find people who agree with a new idea!
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