'What religion are you?' poll discussion

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Poll started 20 September 2010:

What religion are you?

On his visit the Pope declared his worry the UK is becoming a secular society.

As we've previously found out who MoneySavers are, where they live, and what papers they read, it'll be interesting to see the religious makeup.

Are you a practising member of any faith (or belief)?

A. Not practising - 3,142 votes (21 %)
B. Anglican - 1,401 votes (9 %)
C. Catholic - 1,796 votes (12 %)
D. Other Christian - 2,128 votes (14 %)
E. Muslim - 590 votes (4 %)
F. Hindu - 258 votes (2 %)
G. Sikh - 132 votes (1 %)
H. Jewish - 127 votes (1 %)
I. Buddhist - 148 votes (1 %)
J. Other - 367 votes (2 %)
K. Atheist (deities do not exist) - 3,176 votes (21 %)
L. Agnostic (the existence of deities is unknowable) - 1,845 votes (12 %)

Total Votes: 15,110

Voting has now closed, but you can still click 'post reply' to discuss below. Thanks :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do engage in a discussion here, please show tolerance to others beliefs.



  • I am not religious and do not believe in a god, but I also do not want to be classified as anything to simply tick a box!

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  • I ticked K without really thinking about it, because that's what I always consider myself.
    Never really thought about the difference between K & L. As described though, it's almost impossible for someone to be an Atheist. Without proof (very difficult to prove a negative), atheism requires blind faith that no deity exists. Counter intuitive really.
    Anyway, no deities, father xmas, easter bunny, goblins or fairies exist as far as I'm aware.
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  • I ticked J (other) because I am a Spiritualist but not a Christian one (many Spiritualists are also Christians). I dont believe in God as a Heavenly Father as the Religions tend to describe him. I do believe that there is Life after Death though. perhaps the ancients had it right and there is a committee of Gods up there? maybe Angels are real too? havent seen one myself, but then Ive never seen Polar bears - but believe the people who say they have!
  • I've always thought of myself as an Atheist but feel that religion does have an important part to play in our society. I went to a Christian school and was loosely brought up in a Christian household but my parents also valued the importance of freedom of choice with religion so a particular religion was not imposed upon me from a young age.

    My big problem with the Christian religions at the moment, which to me are the most important in the UK, is that they are so backward thinking. I have visited my local church recently and I was the only person under 60 there so I really wonder how it can survive once this generation has passed. I do not understand how the Christian religions can really expect people to believe the bible as a given and without questioning it. I would be far more likely to have an interest in a Christian religion if the stance was that the bible is a great book, written by man, that contains a lot of fables that can teach us important lessons. There is such overwhelming evidence that scientists have provided us with to the contrary of the bible that to wholeheartedly believe it's teachings seems rather naive and nonsensical. Throughout the ages there has been constant battles between the church and scientists but I believe that it is the time for the Church to acknowledge how important and fast developing science is and embrace it.

    If the Church can convince people of the stories of Noah and Adam and Eve then I'm sure they can find a way of incorporating the big bang into their teachings...
  • I believe that I am a God. Not necessarily "The" God as in a divine creator. Just "A" God, is in blessed and immortal and all powerful.

    Where is the option for that?
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  • Pastafarian.
    "An arrogant and self-righteous Guardian reading [email protected]".

    !!!!!! is all that about?
  • Pastafarian.

    is that like an Italian-cuisine based Rasta? Dreadlocks of spaghetti?
  • The force is strong with this one
  • And as we all know, money savers are intelligent people :beer:
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