Junior Doctor unable to find work

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    EMG - is this an English issue with speech and language therapists? Until six months ago, I worked on an education team as a teacher and worked collaboratively with therapists. They were employed by the local Scottish NHS trust. They seemed to ahve constant difficulties recruiting, despite available funding. The therapists felt they were a good trust to work for, so taht can't ahve been the issue.
  • Jake'sGran wrote:
    Could you take up a research position or go back and study a speciality?

    Research positions are even more competative! *Fluffy desperately hopes she gets into an academic foundation school upon qualification*

    One of my good friends has basically worked as a locum and in Trust grade jobs since qualifying 3 years ago. He's on the brink of !!!!!!ing off to New Zealand...
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    For those of us that are not healthcare professionals is there anything that can be done? I started a thread about the NHS on the discussion board here if is anyone is interested.

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    DrFluffy wrote:
    The scheme doesn't work like this for F1 and F2 anymore, so your friend in med personel sounds very out of date...

    It's all done on a blind computer submitted application form - no interview at all... MDAP was pants, and there is no real evidence that MTAS (which is replacing MDAP after just 1 year of use - and massive cost) will be much better...
    He mainly recruits nurses, but I do know that the has concerns about the same issues with most clinical/allied health specialties, so would think that doctors could alwasy do with working on interview/selection skills
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  • Isn't this the consequence of the increase in the number of medical schools and therefore training places combined with the government's insistence on privatising the NHS?
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    Isn't this the consequence of the increase in the number of medical schools and therefore training places combined with the government's insistence on privatising the NHS?

    Indeed and the lack of then budgeting for more Doctors Physios etc when they graduate...
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    Indeed and the lack of then budgeting for more Doctors Physios etc when they graduate...

    There has recently been a rule change regarding interviewing for medical posts. If any of the candidates is from a EU country (including UK) and is suitable for the job, he/she MUST be offered the job before someone from elsewhere, even if they are not the best candidate. This is an attempt to deal with the increased number now being trained. I don't approve of the new rule. I want the best person for the job to get it.
  • The lack of jobs for newly qualified doctors is I feel in some part a knock on effect of the working time directive. It used to absolutely criminal how many hours junior doctors worked. However to fill the gaps nurses were trained to do lots of the "scut" work that the junior doctors did. That is doing ECGs, siting venflons, giving intravenous drugs etc. Clinical nurse practitioners have to assess patients "out of hours" whereas at one time it would be the junior doctor. A huge amount of extra responsibilty for the nurse, often unwanted I might add,but less posts for a junior doctor
  • I find all this really difficult to understand,my neighbour is a midwife and tells me there is a shortage,yet i heard someone on local radio who had just qualified say,that they and several of their fellow students were in the same situation.It seems that something is very wrong.
    :) There are two sides to every story.
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