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Wiper blades - only need rubber not the entire unit

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MyosinMyosin Forumite
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I bought some Bosch Super Plus wiper blades (the complete units which just snap on) about 2 years ago and they're up for replacement now :( but I'd like to just replace the rubber bits but at Halfords I'm only saving around £2 off the cost of getting the whole blade units :confused:

I've looked for internet places and ebay but not able to find the rubber blades alone :wall:

I know this is annoying but if anyone knows a place I can get from (internet, ebay, or a retailer) I'd be very grateful :D


That, is an excellent question...


  • balsinghbalsingh Forumite
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    I suggest getting the new FULL wipers. The replacemetn blades are never very efficient. I know it sounds odd but good wipers make a major difference based on how well they make contact with the windscreen. Thats why its always best to buy a complete wiper as the rubber will be tailored to the blade. For the sake of a few quid, they are much better.
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  • i would second balsingh's post. As wipers are a safety item i always invest in good quality wiper blades .......i have tried blade refils in the past but always found them a false economy:D
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  • On my last car I tried out wiper blades from wilkinson, £1.25 each for the complete unit. They were as good as the champion ones I've used previously, although I can't say how long they last as I sold that car 6 months later, but they were still excelent at that point.
  • I'd agree with above - your extra few pounds isn't going to be much consolation if you manage to hit something/someone during mid-winter when cheap blades tend to smear, not wipe.

    However on my new Golf I've got these new Aerotwin blades which appear standard on the whole range, which are extremely slim and ever so silent - I don't even notice they're there sometimes. I'm not sure these are available for all car models though - if they are available for your car I strongly recommend them :) they're worth the extra cash. If not I'd stick to a brand you trust. :beer:
  • rdwarrrdwarr Forumite
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    On my last car the driver's side rubber was £10 but the complete blade was well over £80!
    Otherwise use a bit of vinegar to clean/degrease the one you have and you may well prolong its life.
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  • buglawtonbuglawton Forumite
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    Myonsin did not mention the make/model of car which is the crucial Moneysavng info. Exotic cars might leave little choice in the matter - maybe fit own rubber blades is the cheapest answer.

    I also used to go to the effort of fitting rubber blades to old wipers to avoid Halfords £15 price for a pair of blades.

    Then I discovered Tesco (major outlets) were selling Vectra / Micra blades at around £3/pair inc wiper frame so why bother?
  • Thanks for the replies - i can't see the thanks button so can't click it just yet :rotfl:

    :o It's for an Almera and is 21inch spoiler driver side, 19 inch no spoiler passenger side :-) Tesco don't do my sizes - they have 20 and 22 :(

    Are there any other outlets you know of selling at tesco's prices? :)
    That, is an excellent question...
  • Try a motor factors (Motorworld, etc.) or even your main dealership - you'd be surprised how cheap they can be! :D
  • Ted_HutchinsonTed_Hutchinson
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    I picked up some new wiper blades from ALDI yesterday for around £1.45 pair.
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  • milliemillie Forumite
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    I picked up some new wiper blades from ALDI yesterday for around £1.45 pair.

    Yes we got some from Aldi yesterday for a Ford Fiesta ours we £2.
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