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  • im sure u will look just fine :)
  • i know this is OT but....
    are they trying to compete with bbc breakfast? if so imo it wont work
    i dont like daybreak so watch bbc breakfast which is too stuffy but its better than the itv alternative
    i dont even watch you on daybreak anymore sorry, its a shame as i used to like that programme
    I am not bossy I just have better ideas:p
  • wow how stupid are they then? i like the way you dress, its relaxed and makes you seem more accessible to someone like me, (a fairly young married stay at home mum) And youre right the city worker/banker look is not the one. I dont get why theyve hired christine bleakley either... shes got to be the fakest woman on tv! Now theyre trying to fake you up by making you dress in a way thats not naturally you....

    they want to sort themselves out!
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    Bootcut jeans :eek: You're getting into Clarkson territory ;) and Mrs MSE is right, brown trousers are for huntin' shootin' and fishin' .
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
  • the way you dress is part of who you are, the man they hired ergo WANTED! i see employment divorce ahead !
  • minerva_windsongminerva_windsong Forumite
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    Are you seriously telling me there were no decent khaki trousers anywhere in London?!
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    i'm one of what seems to be the masses that is extremely disappointed with Daybreak ... stopped watching it the last few days .. just not a patch on the previous gang who alternated on the GMTV programme .

    Shame Martin you've been " bullied" into buying new gear .. what a load of **** !!! that they insist on that . All part of the problem they've got .. it's far to stilted , not the good flowing casual style of GMTV .

    Adrian squinting and stutterring over the autocue everything so repetitious, they seem to have reduced the number of stories/ features dramatically and just keep looping the main headlines .

    How the producers haven't already reacted and acted on what is such poor viewing is beyond me .. they should be shuddering about the ££ millions they've put into this new programme ...

    I cannot believe Adrian & Christine can be enjoying getting up at 3am to be working on it .... and i'm pleased it doesn't just seem to be me that's hating it . .. and how i feel for Ben...Emma ... Andrew etc all out of a job because of this shambles .

    Time Martin got himself another tv series of his own !! ..... and keep supporting Lorraine ... but don't work on that shocking Daybreak programme !!
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    Hi folks,

    Just to defend daybreak. It is a new programme and will take time for people to get used to it and to bed in. Of course some will migrate, but in time I suspect it will acquire its own new audience. Television is of course a commercial business about acquiring not just viewers but the right viewers (fiting into the right demographics) - change happens and we have to adapt to it.

    I think the Daybreak team are working hard, finding their feet and developing the programme. Some things work well, a few may not - but they'll go at some point. I actually think its an extremely good team and more modern feel.

    No one ever likes change (i remember the stress on here when we redesigned the forum) but ultimately once people get uysed to things they can see new merits (though the best of both worlds is always difficult to have).

    Why not give it a few weeks and see how you feel

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    GMTV had a lot of stick when they took over from TV:am back in the 90s, with everyone saying it was rubbish and the presenters weren't a patch on Ann and Nick. Give it time, it'll be fine.
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    In the end I just bought two new pairs of pants and four new shirts to go with them.
    Pants! Are you American? Trousers, Martin, trousers, you're British after all. ;)
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