Good place for second hand baby clothes/stuff?

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Hi Folks,
I'm pregnant with my first baby and thinking about buying some baby clothes and assorted stuff, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any decent sources of second hand baby things (mostly clothes... as we're getting the pram and cot from the wonderful
A lot of the pregnancy magazines say to look out for NCT sales, but I can't find any in Northern Ireland.


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    Charity shops, they usually have a huge range. I bought heaps of things and they're all practically brand new and from places like Next, Osh Kosh and Baby Gap. The baby will grow out of them in a couple of weeks so don't spend too much. You can also get other things too. I didn't find the NCT sale too great, especially for prams etc as they were quite worn and the clothes are much cheaper at the Charity shops. Forget the baby bath, just wash in the sink and dry on the benchtop (but be careful when baby starts to roll which is usually about 3 months). I never use mine as my back hurts too much because of the bending and also you have to ferry buckets of water to fill and empty it, much too much hassle when you just want to get it done quickly. Don't buy a breast pump until you know the baby will drink from a bottle, mine won't. Something I have found handy is a baby sleeping bag as mine keeps kicking off the blankets. Good luck with the pregnancy and enjoy the baby!
  • Probably best to buy nothing yet and just buy stuff when u really need something. You will be given a lot of presents. We were given loads of stuff that our baby never even got a chance to wear as he was growing so quickly. Save your money for now as it will be needed later down the line for pram, car seats, babys room, creche etc
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    Hi BatCat - I agree with Pickle go for the charity shops and grobag. Try searching eBay for resusable nappies and first size clothing, though in my experience eBay clothing bundles can be a bit hit and miss. And take care of yourself.
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  • BatCat, Congratulations-hope your pregnancy is going well.I agree with pickle about the grobag, but I can't remember at what age you can start using them? In my 1st pregnancy I bought the full 'baby to toddler' pack of re-usable nappies -cost a fortune and only used them for a few months. I found them quite hard work. Anyway I saw this advert in my local paper today, requesting baby equipment. It's called The Baby Change and its in Dromore Co Down Tel 07784 732255 and the advert says 'Prams, Cots, Walkers, designer clothes etc' bought and sold. I've never been to Dromore so can't tell you anything else about it -might be worth a ring?? Hope its of some help
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    In the hope of trying to reclaim loft and spare room space, we tried advertising what I called 'pre-loved' (ie used but looked after) baby goods in our local village supermarket just before summer. To my surprise, we had no enquiries at all.

    I'm not sure if it just that NI folks are not quite as comfortable with 'second-hand' baby stuff as folks in other parts of the UK seem to be. As you said BatCat, there doesn't seem to be many sources of such 2nd hand items in NI, albeit hforharry's find (ie the Baby Change), sounds like it is catching on and may be a business area that will increase in coming years. I have seen many such shops on the mainland and even used them for some items if I happened to be over there.

    ps another lover of grobags here. Hadn't dioscovered them with first, but did for second and was spouting how wonderful they were from then on. Third had them from next to no size. Almost the best thing since sliced bread!
    butterfly )i(
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    Hi! have you tried ebay, not only for used but also new baby stuff, at good prices. I use it all the time. If you want to buy locally you can do a bit of filtering on ebay by postcode so you could choose NI sellers.

    Good luck!
  • I went to a shop in Ballynahinch called Babyworld - I think it did second hand equipment. You could also try Freecycle for stairgates, fireguards and the like as sometimes people hold on to these things "just in case" but are willing to let them go for free
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    Thanks so much for all the advice folks!! Very much appreciated.
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    Where abouts in NI are you from? I know some fantastic charity shops in belfast and could give you a few pointers if you were from that area.
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    What about maternity wear? DW is just approaching the stage where she will need to get maternity wear. She was considering eBay, but she thinks it's a bit hit and miss. So are there any good charity shops for maternity clothes?
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