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    I normally restrict telling people about MSE to those who are intrigued by how we are mortgage free at 40yo, but it wouldn't be the first time I've butted in on a conversation to help someone out.:o Politely of course!!

    The people who don't think I can be mortgage free normally think I'm loaded even though we all get paid around about the same amount in the factory where DH and I both work, but I tell them that any machine operator in the factory who is married to a nurse will very likely have a higher household income than me and DH have.... they then think that we must live like hermits, but I remind them where we've been on holiday lately, so thery then think it can't be that either.... then I explain that we just buy the things we need (and sometimes the things we want too) at the best price and don't throw our money away paying interest on expensive debt or buying new cars every few years:T.

    Some of them see the light:money:, others switch off so I give up.., but I do always chat to those who are willing to listen for a moment and point them in MSE's direction to help them work out how to do it for themselves.:beer:

    I think there are a lot of us about spreading the word, how else would the site be sending out all those millions of emails every week?:D
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  • claire5005 wrote: »
    So disagree! I often sit at tables with strangers and have some good conversations. Are people in cities not friendly?

    LOL, Nope actually you get some seriously weird looks if you so much as smile and say good-morning to someone you don't know in the city....i know as i live in the country now and am much smilier coz it's well recieved. When i lived in the city it was very much keep your head down and rush to wherever you are going, even if there is no need to rush. :p
    Mummy of 3 lovely munchkins :smileyhea
  • robt wrote: »
    Ah right, makes more sense now.

    I had visions of you pulling up a chair around an occupied small table :D

    That would be ok with me, as long as the person pulling up at the unoccupied chair asked if we minded first ;)
    Mummy of 3 lovely munchkins :smileyhea
  • I could have understood it if she was thinking about blowing the budget on a posh bottle of wine, but a HOUSE?!?!?! :eek: Sheesh .... ..... there are many things you can do with your heart but getting a mortgage isn't one of them. If it were, there'd be no repossessions ....:wink:
  • I think that was a great thing to do! I too quote you all the time Martin. My husband was sick of hearing "Martin says" but he is now a convert. Keep up the good work.
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