Not enough sleep or overworked?

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Ok may be asking the obvious but stay with me on this..maybe writing it down may make me see sense!

I work mon-fr, i get up at 5.15am and go to work for 6am..i work through till 8am then dash home get changed and childmind currently till 6pm. At the weekends it is my time with dd normally (if not the hols) where we do things and i catch up with the house etc.
In the evenings i use sat nights and wed nights to catch up on sleep as dh out but have been out for the last couple so late nights..normal nights to go to bed are around 11pm due to waiting up for dh.

Basically my life is non stop, there is always something to do and the last 5 weeks of the holidays have really wiped it out of me..i keep thinking i'm young..ish! and should be able to cope (i'm 31) but am feeling worse as the weeks go on. During the day i am fine and feel ok but in the mornings i feel awful and struggle to get out of bed big time (been late for work or not woken a few times now)

Last few days i have been really dizzy and feeling sick, i have felt so tired i could sleep anywhere and if it wasn't for the fact i have been so busy if i stopped id'e really notice.

So could it be something else or do i need more sleep? Seems odd i ahve worked the same hours for years and suddenly it's hitting me..



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    I would go to the docs and explain and he will probably do a blood test to rule anything out like anemia or thyroid etc and then if something comes up you can get medication to help and if not then its defiantely time to rethink your lifestyle but definately start with the docs as it seems to have suddenly come on you and your lifestyle hasn't changed from what you are used to doing IYSWIM.
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    I pull stunts like this, I'm 25 and work nights, go out, etc etc! I usually feel pretty good and I never get ill but last week I started feeling how you feel now and was very ill. Now I'm fine again but for a few days I thought Id really made myself ill. Docs said it was just a virus, which is what they say when youre ill but they checked everything (not blood, but blood pressure, ears, nose, throat etc) and cant see anything very wrong.

    Take a couple days off, have a rest, if your not better in three days say, go to the docs.
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    Thanks guys.

    Keeping Motivated thanks may do as feeling like a zombie not good.

    Odette thanks. Yeah like i said same old days with me so nothing new in terms of lack of sleep etc, when i wake i am fine and don't feel tired most of the but just feel drained at the mo..unfortunately being self employed taking time off is harder than it sounds but if i collapse guess i will have to! hoping i'm overtired! Once the kids are settled back into school next week ill see how i am and book into docs.
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    You go to bed at 11pm usually and get up at 5:15. Allowing for 15 mins to fall asleep, and no time for anything else (;)), that leaves 6 hours of sleep per night!
    I would be dead on the ground in a couple of days on that little sleep!
  • ooh that much sleep would be amazing for me!! i'm not even working more than one job at the moment, i just dont ever seem to sleep v well..5hrs a night is a brilliant nights sleep for me, and i don't iften feel run down, sometimes when i'm anaemic (which i've been on / off all my life) i do, but not often, so think it's just diff ppl needing diff amounts of sleep..

    if you can factor in a couple of days rest, it will probably do you good!
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    Sounds to me like nothing more sinister than...


    And not surprising, you have a lot on your plate at the moment. Is there any way you can pull back on things and get yourself some rest??

    Have a google about something called adrenal fatigue. The adrenals are little glands above the kidneys, and part of their job is to make cortisol which is the bodies stress hormone. It is their job to help us through times of physical and emotional stress, but the adrenals can only do so much. If you keep pushing and pushing yourself, eventually they "run of of steam" so to speak, and you are left feeling inexplicably exhausted and unwell. In severe situations they can actually stop working altogether (but we are talking much more severe stress than this such as wars etc. so please don't worry!). Dizziness and nausea are definately common symptoms, and also do you find that you feel better/more awake in the evenings?

    There is a lot of sites trying to get people to buy all sorts of cures for this, and most of it is complete bunkum, but the basic idea is sound. You can do things to support them such as vit C and certain herbs, but the best thing you can do is try and slow down a little, and get some sleep.

    Anyway, I hope you manage to find a way to feel better soon,

    Take care
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    I think that it builds up and hits you bad for a bit. I do awful hours too, also self-employed, and though normally I cope ok, every now and then I just get hit by total exhaustion and find myself falling asleep on the sofa as soon as I get in from work for a few days on the run. I know then that it's time to get myself a bit of a break, a relaxed weekend and time to catch up on sleep. I think it gets harder as you get older too, 31 isn't 'old' of course, but you won't bounce back as well as if you were still 21!

    I think the stress of self-employment is a factor, it's hard to ever switch off properly. I find myself dreaming about work, waking in the middle of the night thinking about it and so on, so then I look for whatever is causing me the most stress and do something to tackle it.

    I've also looked into iron supplements in case that was a problem but it hasn't helped me. It's just the need for some good old sleep.
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    i've not read all the replies, but i think your body is saying slow down - i'm 31 too and this past year i've felt like an old woman. I think you need to go to bed earlier. Are you a cleaner in the mornings? is that wearing you out or is it light duties? I have 3 young children and its hard work and very tiring. Whats your diet like? and are you over weight? i am and i dont think that helps with the tiredness.
  • Another vote from me for booking in with your doctor. I felt really tired a couple of years ago and found myself falling asleep whilst reading a bedtime story to my children but just put it down to working 33.5 hours in 4 days a week and looking after 2 young children. When I went to give blood I was turned away and referred to my doctors. It turned out I had anaemia but it took quite a while for the doctor to determine the cause and treat it properly so book that appointment now - don't put it off any longer..
    Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon
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    Its definetly less easy to do-it-all as you get older- even the few years from 20 to 25 or 30 makes a difference IMO and I can only assume I will need to slow down more as I age more.

    I would work out how much sleep you need- this varies from person to person. I know I need about 7-8 hours a night. If I don't get this I just am rubbish when trying to concerntrate and let people down, make mistakes- this is without mentioning my mood and its effect on others around me!

    Maybe 5-6 hours is enough for you but if its not then you will feel the results and the only way around that is to sleep more, and work out how to catch up on what you have lost. There is a theory I read once which said if you lose say 7 hours sleep, you only need about 4-5 hours to catch up not the full 7. It could mean catching up at the weekend but that would mean missing time with your daughter so early nights would be a better plan I think!

    Do you eat well? as in healthy and balanced? I know for me this has effects on me- I feel groggy if I don't get enough fruit and vegetables for example. About 10 months ago I decided on a whim to eat just protein bars and have a normal evening meal (I was trying to lose weight) within 6 months of this my skin became...ugly- spots, rashes, and skin infections. My energy levels were rubbish and I just felt so run down. I just felt like I had my head under a blanket or something, no fresh feeling. I did cut out the protein bars 6 months after starting them (I had 4 big skin issues all happening which just seemed to coincidental to me) my skin and my energy levels took about a month to get back to what they were but things did get better. Also the same goes with plain water- getting enough water every day can also improve energy levels.

    I'd also agree with the ideas on seeing a doctor just to rule anything out but do have to say your lifestyle looks quite extreme and you seem to have no "you" time at all. This itself can make you feel exhausted- you work to live from what I read above rather then live to work. Maybe things at work need to calm down or change- can you speak to anyone (eg a manager) about that? There may be better options out there.

    I'd also suggest (if you do manage to bag yourself some more time) things like yoga or even an aerobics class. Exercise sounds really draining but can get you more energy as your body learns to be more efficient. Yoga is good (try a Hatha class) as it teaches you to be more in touch with your body and listen to whats going on as well as helping with things like circulation and stilling your mind.
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