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Reclaim lost Tesco points: Report your SUCCESSES

edited 5 December 2017 at 11:52AM in Shop but don't drop
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  • haycornshaycorns Forumite
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    grunnie wrote: »
    I keep getting the same
    In case you are forgetting your first name, Log into site with email address and then go to Direct - at the top it will tell you your first name. Believe me this is very very useful!
  • jenagainjenagain Forumite
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    I can't seem to get in either!

    We always get 2 sets of vouchers in the post, one in my maiden name, and one in my DHs name. I've got DHs clubcard right here, I'm typing in the details exactly right and yet I still can't get in :(
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  • I've given up too, will phone tomorrow and see if they can fix the address problem.

    ETA, thanks though, very useful and I'll try my daughters too.
  • room512room512 Forumite
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    Thanks! Just discovered £20.50!!!!!
  • Great find OP! I have £31 unused vouchers :)
  • The deals change in december, from then rewards will only be worth 3 x the amount, so your gonna loose £44.50 worth of goldsmith vouchers, if you have to wait till your february statement.
    i know :) new clubcard vouchers should be coming through the door soon so i'll be changing them up before the december deadline :rotfl:
    :beer: Happy Bargain Hunting!! :beer:
  • MothershipMothership Forumite
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    I'm getting this, then when i put my details in it says 'The details you have entered do not match those on our system.' do not sure what to do next!

    I'm getting this too, unable to log on , off to try AGAIN!
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  • AnonAnon Forumite
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    cagsd wrote: »
    I have posted this already on Food Shopping and Groceries board but just realised more people may see it on here. have launched a new Clubcard mini-site, which gives a lot more detail about your CC account, points accrued, vouchers used etc etc. I posted this on the other board, as I found when I logged into it and looked in "Your Vouchers" section, that I had a £21 CC voucher dating back to last year that I hadn't used!! It seems that several other people have found the same thing - forgotten about or lost old vouchers - these can be either reissued in paper form by ringing Tesco CS, or else on the mini-site it actually gives you the online code for the unused voucher so you can use it for online purchases or rewards! :)

    As I say, I found £21 that I didn't know I had, so immediately used it to buy £80 of reward tokens (days out / restaurants)!! :beer:

    Worth logging in and checking your account, cos you never know!!!

    It is also worth pointing out that the T&Cs are changing on 13th December when the re-issue will no longer be possible:
    32. Clubcard vouchers are valid for two years from date of issue and are accompanied by an expiry date, beyond which they cannot be used or reissued. Vouchers that are lost or mislaid may be reissued with the original expiry date, providing they have not previously been redeemed. Additional terms and conditions may be found on the back of the vouchers.

    So check quick and get them re-issued now.

  • :j
    Thanks so much founf £10 i had 'lost'
  • Thanks!!!!! I've just realised I've got £29!!!!! Hurrah!!!
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