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Car Radio Unlocking

in Motoring
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  • I think you can still do it.

    From memory, you have to leave the radio and ignition on for a period of time 1/2 hour then you get another go. If you fail then the time gets longer and longer.

    Only did this once and it worked for me.
  • hi,
    thanks for that, but i've been driving around in it for a few weeks now, and it still says SAFE then 10 - - - - meaning it thinks i've had ten goes.
    oh well.
    thanks anyway
  • Kellm9Kellm9 Forumite
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    Can anyone help me. I have a Volvo radio that is locked. I disconnected the battery and did not have the code to re-activate it. Any help greatly appreciated.

    Model Volvo CR-902 RDS EON
    Serial Nos VO1140W1561357A

    I think the first O is letter O not number zero, it's quite hard to tell.

  • i need a radio code for a 99 montero sport cd player
    mod# mr472955
    ser# 99a237312
    please help
  • timmo44 wrote:
    Note sure about Nissans either. Do you know what make the stereo is?

    thanx m8 sorted

    she found the original documentation with the code on

  • emujuice wrote:
    thanks for that, but i've been driving around in it for a few weeks now, and it still says SAFE then 10 - - - - meaning it thinks i've had ten goes.
    oh well.
    thanks anyway


    I have the same problem with a vauxhall corsa stereo. It just says SAFE. I've left it on for over an hour but it still wont allow me to enter the code. Apparently it should say CODE before you enter the code using the arrows.

    Anyone know how to get around this?

  • I recently had somewhat major repairs to my car in which the batt was discon. Radio has locked and vauxhall have decided it'll cost around £40 to get the code. Being the fact that I don't enjoy walking like a cowboy (If yoiu get my meaning) after a visit to the dealership i'm not so keen on paying that.
    Would anyone know the code for it and what details would you need from me?
    It's a 93 (V reg) Vauxhall vectra club. Stock radio. erm... Help!
  • Fuzzy_2Fuzzy_2 Forumite
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    My OH, had his car with Renault main dealers, for a repair. Just as he was pulling out of the garage, the mechanic ran up to him in the car, and said the radio had become locked, and they'd tried one number and it didn't work. Did he have another number? Well he doesn't, and I think it's appaulling that they left it like that after repair work.

    If I'm correct about reading the threads on this site that the dealers would be able to get this info anyway. I think the dealers have acted very unprofessionally on this occasion. They left him no time to sort it out, as he was running to an appointment.
  • timmo44 wrote:
    I bought a programme off a guy on Ebay for £5.99 when I needed the code for mine. It works fine and now I can decode anyone elses too. Anyone need a code? I'll tell you it for free! Just need serial number and model of stereo...

    I would appreciate your help with my code.
    Serial Number: 850178732
    Model: SC-811

    Thanks a bunch !
  • The software I have says the folowing for Volvo:

    "Find the links/diodes (usually on the reverse of the stereo) and enter the sequence used to generate the radio code." :confused:

    When I go into the window that calculates the codes, there are 12 'diode' tick boxes (D1 to D12) of which you need to specify which are set and which are not.
    If this means anything to you Volvo owners, let me have the details and I will attempt to get you a code.
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